The Great Series Read Project

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This page is dedicated to tracking my progress on The Great Series Read Project, and lists the series I’ll be tackling ordered by author surname (click on a shortcut above to jump to surnames beginning with that letter). Given it’s nature, this is a list that can only grow each year as more series join the ranks of the beloved but incomplete…

A note on formatting:

  • Books still to be read are in bold
  • Books read and reviewed will be linked
  • Books read but not yet reviewed will be in plain text
  • A Series Shout-out is a non-spoilery introduction to the series, giving an overview of what to expect and why I hold this series so dear

If you fancy joining me in a buddy read for any outstanding series, get in touch!


AARONOVITCH, Ben | Rivers of London: Rivers of London | Moon Over Soho | Whispers Underground | Broken Homes | Foxglove Summer | The Hanging Tree | Lies Sleeping | False Value


BANKS, Iain M |The CultureConsider Phlebas | The Player of Games | Use of Weapons | The State of the Art | Excession | Inversions | Look to WindwardMatter | Surface DetailThe Hydrogen Sonata

BARKER, RJ | The Tide Child: The Bone Ships | Call of the Bone Ships | The Bone Ship’s Wake

BODARD, Aliette | Dominion of the Fallen:

BROOKS, Mike | The God-King ChroniclesThe Black Coast | The Splinter King | The Godbreaker

BURKE, Sue | SemiosisInterference

BUTLER, Octavia | The Patternists: Wild Seed | Mind of my MindClay’s ArkSurvivor | Patternmaster


CARUSO, Melissa | Rooks and Ruin: The Obsidian TowerThe Quicksilver CourtThe Ivory Tomb

de CASTELL, Sebastien | Spellslinger: Spellslinger | Shadowblack | Charmcaster | Soulbinder | Queenslayer | Crownbreaker

CHAKRABORTY, S A | Daevabad:

CLARK, CL | Magic of the Lost: The Unbroken | The Faithless

COGMAN, Genevieve | The Invisible Library: The Invisible Library | The Masked City | The Burning Page | The Lost Plot | The Mortal Word | The Secret Chapter

COREY, James S A | The Expanse: Leviathan Wakes | Caliban’s War | Abaddon’s Gate | Cibola Burn | Nemesis Games | Babylon’s Ashes | Persepolis Rising | Tiamat’s Wrath | Leviathan Falls

CORNELL, Paul | Lychford:


DICKINSON, Seth | The Masquerade: The Traitor Baru Cormorant | The Monster Baru Cormorant | The Tyrant Baru Cormorant


ELISON, Meg | The Road to Nowhere: The Book of the Unnamed Midwife | The Book of Etta | The Book of Flora



GAILEY, Sarah | River of Teeth: River of Teeth | Taste of Marrow

GLADSTONE, Max | The Craft Sequence: Last First Snow | Two Serpents Rise | Three Parts Dead | Four Roads Cross | Full Fathom Five | Ruin of Angels


HACKWITH, A J | Hell’s Library: The Library of the Unwritten | The Archive of the Forgotten | The God of Lost Words



JEMISIN, N K | The Broken Earth: The Fifth Season | The Obelisk Gate | The Stone Sky

JOHNSON, Joshua Phillip | Tales of the Forever Sea: The Forever SeaThe Endless Song


KHAW, Cassandra | Food of the Gods: Rupert Wong: Cannibal Chef | Rupert Wong and the Ends of the Earth | The Last Supper Before Ragnarok

KIRSTEIN, Rosemary | The Steerswoman | The Outskirter’s Secret | The Lost Steersman | The Language of Power

KOWAL, Mary Robinette | Lady Astronaut: The Calculating Stars | The Fated Sky | The Relentless Moon | The Derivative Base

KUANG, R F | The Poppy War | The Dragon Republic | The Burning God


LECKIE, Ann | Imperial Radch: Ancillary Justice | Ancillary Sword | Ancillary Mercy


McGUIRE, Seanan |

  • Incryptids: Discount Armageddon | Midnight Blue-Light Special | Half-off Ragnarok | Pocket Apocalypse | Chaos Choreography | Magic for Nothing | Tricks for Free | That Ain’t Witchcraft | Imaginary Numbers | Calculated Risks
  • (as Mira Grant) Newsflesh : Feed | Deadline | Blackout

McKENNA, Juliet | The Green Man:

MUIR, Tamsyn | Gideon the Ninth | Harrow the Ninth | Alecto the Ninth | Nona the Ninth


NEWMAN, Emma | Planetfall: Planetfall | After Atlas | Before Mars | Atlas Alone



PÉREZ, Kristina | Sweet Black Waves: Sweet Black Waves | Wild Savage Stars | Bright Raven Skies

POWELL, Gareth L | Embers of War: Embers of War | Fleet of Knives | Light of Impossible Stars



REDICK, Robert V S | The Chathrand VoyageThe Red Wolf Conspiracy | The River of Shadows | The Rats and the Ruling Sea | The Night of the Swarm



  • Bookburners (created by Max Gladstone): Season One | Season Two | Season Three | Season Four | Season Five
  • Machina (created by Fran Wilde): Season One
  • Orphan Black – The Next Chapter: Season One | Season Two
  • The Vela: Season One | Season Two
  • The Witch Who Came In From The Cold (created by Max Gladstone & Lindsay Smith): Season One | Season Two

SHAW, Vivian | Dr Greta Helsing: Strange Practice | Dreadful Company | Grave Importance

SMYTHE, James | The Anomaly: The Explorer | The Echo | The Edge | The Ends

SURI, Tasha |

  • The Books of Ambha: Empire of Sand | Realm of Ash
  • The Burning Kingdoms: The Jasmine Throne | The Oleander Sword


TCHAIKOVSKY, Adrian | The Final Architecture: Shards of Earth | Eyes of the VoidLords of Uncreation




WAGERS, KB | NeoGA Pale Light In The BlackHold Fast Through The FireThe Ghosts of Trappist

WELLS, Alex | Ghost Wolves: Hunger Makes The Wolf | Blood Binds the Pack

WELLS, Martha | The Murderbot Diaries: All Systems Red | Artificial Condition | Rogue Protocol | Exit Strategy | Fugitive Telemetry | Network Protocol