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Bite-size Books: An Ocean the Colour of Bruises

A group of young people go on holiday, running away from the tawdry disappointments of taking the first steps into their adult lives. They need a few days revelling in their friendship on a warm beach, rekindling old joys. But Punta Silenyo is an empty, haunted resort. Is it the best place to forget their cares?

Bite-size Books: You’ll Surely Drown Here If You Stay

The men who marry the desert (bad things happen to them)

Two young people try to make the best of their lives in a desert town struggling after the local mine collapsed. But the desert is drowned in secrets and raw with untapped power that threatens to consume them. Alyssa Wong has crafted a superb story that is shrouded in mystery and humming with myth.

Bite-size Books: Lullaby for a Lost World

(c) Alyssa Winans - a girl's body tumbles into a rusty blood-red pit beneath the towers and gardens of a great houseCharlotte is dead, sacrificed on the word of a powerful man to buy the safety of her community. Her bones lie uneasily at the bottom of the garden by the river, its quiet lullaby doing nothing to reconcile her to her fate. Lullaby for a Lost World is another haunting short story from Aliette de Bodard.

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