I had decided not to read The Expanse – until a SFFReadalong was announced last year (willpower: I’ve heard about it), which I just couldn’t resist (I like reading with friends, okay?). And I’m ever so glad I let the gang’s enthusiasm drag me along, as it’s now one of my all-time favourite space operas. I turned the tables for SciFiMonth and dragged Lisa and M into debating the Big Question with me: sure, the tv show is good, but was the book better?

We started our quest with two dozen companions out to see how much fantasy we could celebrate in a month. I missed quite a lot of the latter half of Wyrd and Wonder – work exploded into overdrive and then my remote holiday turned out to have even less internet access than expected. However, there’s no stopping a fantasy party on a quest – so I’ve had an awful lot of fun catching up to compile this final retrospective!

Oh bloody hell. Just caught up on Hell Bent, and I think I need to watch the last 2 years of Doctor Who all over again now. All is forgiven. Well, almost all. Yeah, okay, I’m totally cherry picking. There’s a bunch of episodes we probably can’t all agree didn’t happen, but I’m going to edit them out of my timeline anyway, ok?


Another trip to Australia, another opportunity to indulge in some cinematic catch up. Except I chose to spend most of the outbound flight reading or watching Season 4 of Game of Thrones instead, and got a taster of Penny Dreadful on the way home. In between, I did manage to see a bunch of awards nominees and recent releases.

So the advantage of long flights is the number of hours you can spend reading and watching movies without a shred of guilt to get in the way. I tend to bounce between catching up with stuff I really wanted to see but didn’t (for whatever reason) and watching things I would never otherwise have given a second glance.