I had decided not to read The Expanse – until a SFFReadalong was announced last year (willpower: I’ve heard about it), which I just couldn’t resist (I like reading with friends, okay?). And I’m ever so glad I let the gang’s enthusiasm drag me along, as it’s now one of my all-time favourite space operas. I turned the tables for SciFiMonth and dragged Lisa and M into debating the Big Question with me: sure, the tv show is good, but was the book better?

We started our quest with two dozen companions out to see how much fantasy we could celebrate in a month. I missed quite a lot of the latter half of Wyrd and Wonder – work exploded into overdrive and then my remote holiday turned out to have even less internet access than expected. However, there’s no stopping a fantasy party on a quest – so I’ve had an awful lot of fun catching up to compile this final retrospective!

Oh bloody hell. Just caught up on Hell Bent, and I think I need to watch the last 2 years of Doctor Who all over again now. All is forgiven. Well, almost all. Yeah, okay, I’m totally cherry picking. There’s a bunch of episodes we probably can’t all agree didn’t happen, but I’m going to edit them out of my timeline anyway, ok?

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