It’s all go this week – all the simmering plots boil over at once as Cathy persuades Max to hunt down the missing members of the book club; Margritte realises she may not have the stomach to take revenge; and Sam gets the biggest surprise of anyone. Over half way through the third book it seems a little redundant to say this, but: expect spoilers.

Cathy is caught between Iris expectations and her desire for freedom, but she’s given a rude call to arms by her sister-in-law Lucy. Is she brave enough to fight for women’s rights in the Nether? Meanwhile, Will is a Very Bad Man Who Shall Not Be Forgiven, and Marcus Neugent appears to be Very Bad News. And across Londinium, Cornelius is intent on proving the old adage right: never trust a Rosa…

All eyes on the Agency as Cathy takes them to task for over-servicing and the Sorcerer notices their business is conveniently unregulated. But Max has other concerns, as evidence gathers that Leanne’s employer may not be entirely Mundane. Across town, Will makes an uneasy peace with Cathy and gets cosy with the Alba-Rosas, but can his ambition to become Duke survive dinner with his main rival?

Book cover: Between Two ThornsCatherine Rhoeas-Papaver ran away from home and went into hiding, studying at a university in Mundanus where her family will never find her. At least, that was the idea. But when the Fae Lord Poppy strips her of her concealment Charm, she is dragged kicking and screaming back into the Nether to be married. Welcome to the Society nightmare of the Split Worlds.