Magazine Cover: Apex Magazine January 2014 - an old woman with a suggestion of antlers, holding a sharp knife and a cigarette

The Best of Apex kicks off with multi-awarding short story Jackalope Wives. When Eva’s brooding boy half-catches himself a jackalope wife, he turns to his Grandma Harken for help. But there’s not much an old lady can do about some mistakes. Or is there?

Bonus bite: Grandma Harken deserves more than one story, so Ursula Vernon wrote her another adventure – The Tomato Thief.

Jenny has special dietary needs. Her hot dates all have dark thoughts and violent tendencies. They have no idea what’s coming for dessert.

Bonus bite: it’s the Nebula Awards this weekend, so you get an extra review! Hungry Daughters of Starving Mothers sits on the borders of horror, subverting our sympathies right from its American Psycho opening scene.