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The Expanse Read-along: Persepolis Rising – Week 2

Book cover: Persepolis Rising - James S A Corey (who would have guessed - it's a close up of a spaceship in flight)The Laconian heel is firmly on the back of Medina’s neck this week, as Governor Singh flexes his authoritarian muscles and the Belters’ reflexively push back. Holden and Naomi must decide what to do with their future now their options have narrowed dramatically; whilst Drummer gets unexpected advice on securing a future for all of humanity…

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Bite-size Books: All Systems Red

Book cover: All Systems Red - Martha Wells (a battle droid)SecUnits are standard issue, one per ten humans on a corporate deal that you can’t opt out of if you wish to survey a new world. They’re not well equipped and they’re not very clever, but they’ll rip themselves apart to protect their clients.

Well, most of the time.

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Subjective Chaos Kind of Awards 2018: an informal experiment

Subjective: “based on or influenced by personal feelings, tastes or opinions“.

Chaos: “the first created being” (Greek). No, that’s not what we’re after. “Complete disorder and confusion” …hopefully not. “Behaviour so unpredictable as to appear random, owing to great sensitivity to small changes in conditions“. YOU GOT IT.

(Kind of) Awards: “a prize or other mark of recognition” – well, you know, kind of.

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The Expanse Read-along: Persepolis Rising – Week 1

Humanity has settled the stars. Earth has almost recovered from the Free Navy’s genocidal assault. The Alliance have nearly rebuilt their depleted navies. The Belters’ Transport Union controls traffic to all the colonies beyond the Gates. Except one. And the Gate to Laconia is about to re-open. Mars’s wayward children are ready to return, and they have their own vision for the future of humanity…

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Gnomon: asking all the questions

Book cover: Gnomon - Nick Harkaway (pieces of paper drifting against a black background; the outline of a shark fin in the centre)In a near-future surveillance state, Mielikki Neith must investigate why an author died resisting a routine interrogation; and what secrets she was trying to hide. But when Mielikki is immersed in Diana Hunter’s memories, she finds other personalities instead – a Carthaginian witch; a Greek investment banker; an Ethiopian artist; an angry spirit determined to consume everyone. Are any of them real? Who was Diana Hunter?

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Confessions of a bad SF fan: Flowers for Algernon

Book cover: Flowers for Algernon - Daniel KeyesLast autumn, I ‘fessed up that I rarely read SF classics. Looking at “scifi novels every fan must read” lists, I’m a very bad SF fan indeed. This year I made a half-hearted effort to mend my ways (I haven’t exactly let them dominate my reading), but Sci Fi Month was my inspiration to tackle a giant.

Yes it’s taken me a while to get round to marshalling my thoughts

SciFi Month Round-up: it’s been a great month

SciFi Month 2017 has been epic: over two dozen bloggers, nearly 100 reviews plus nearly 100 other posts for chats, discussions, giveaways, interviews and more! We’ve celebrated space opera and cyberpunk, classic SF and Star Wars, and if we haven’t loved everything nothing has soured our delight in the genre. I’ve loved every minute. I hope your TBR has grown as fast as mine.

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Top Ten Tuesday: winter SF TBR

Top Ten Tuesday bannerTop Ten Tuesday is a weekly feature created and hosted by The Broke and the Bookish, in which we have fun making bookish lists. This week it’s time to get excited about our winter reading!

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Cargo: in space, everyone can hear you dream

The Earth is dying. Humanity is living in slum-like orbital stations, tantalised by the promise of Rhea, a paradise only the wealthy can afford to emigrate to. Laura takes an 8-year mission aboard a cargo ship to earn her passage – but her duty shift is disturbed by strange noises and a glimpse of another person where none should be. Just what cargo are they carrying? And where are they really taking it?

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The Expanse Read-along: Babylon’s Ashes – Week 4

All eyes are on Medina, the Free Navy-held station blocking the way to the gates and the colonies beyond them. Can the alliance find a way to open up the stars – or will Marco Inaros complete his revenge against Earth and bring down the entire solar system?

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Top Ten Tuesday: SF titles I’m thankful my friends made me read

Top Ten Tuesday bannerTop Ten Tuesday is a weekly feature created and hosted by The Broke and the Bookish, in which we have fun making bookish lists. For Thanksgiving week, we’re considering books we’re thankful for.

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SciFi Month Round-up: the story continues

We’re past the halfway mark now, but we’re not slowing down! SciFi Month 2017 continues to celebrate all things speculative, science and space-based across as many media as we can reach. Here’s a recap of this week’s flailing activities.

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