Ever wanted to be a pirate? Long hours, hard work, certain peril, possibilities of swashbuckling and seasickness. Don’t forget to bring a kitten. It’s not Locke Lamora’s idea of a career move, but after a promising start the Gentleman Bastards find themselves out of their depth in Tal Verrar. Can Locke and Jean outwit the Archon, the Bondsmagi, the master of the Sinspire and all the pirates on the Sea of Brass?

Locke Lamora has a passion for thievery and a flair for the dramatic. The Gentleman Bastards are his gang, determined to be richer and cleverer than everybody else. But this is Camorr, where children are hung for picking pockets and criminals are torn apart by sea monsters for public entertainment. Can they really get away with breaking the Secret Peace?

Welcome to the first week of the Gentleman Bastards Read-along!

Come along on an epic adventure! Flights (of fancy), accommodation (ethical) and food (for the imagination) included. Poison not guaranteed. All travel is at your own risk. Late nights, sore eyes, and an overwhelming desire to spend hours in the kitchen creating something wonderful may ensue. All belongings are the responsibility of the traveller; travel will not be reimbursed if limbs are lost to sharks, or hearts to thieves.