Mini Reviews: Water into Wine, Rosewater, The Prey of Gods

This year saw lots of travelling and some intense deadlines that got in the way of me writing reviews in a timely fashion for everything I read. Still, it’s never too late for a quick look back at the ones that got away!

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Do You Dream of Terra-Two?

Book cover: Do You Dream of Terra-Two - Temi Oh (a young person's face hazy through a spacesuit helmet)The world is dying. The race for the stars has begun and Britain is determined to be the first to reach the promised world of Terra-Two. A small, fast ship will carry 4 experienced astronauts and 6 carefully-selected teenagers to prepare Terra-Two for colonisation. But this golden opportunity may not be what it seems…

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Mission Status Update: reach for the stars

We’re a third of the way and settled into a regular routine – no mutinies, no odd disappearances and no garbled screaming on the comms. I’ve not been around as much as I’d like on this first leg of our journey (I had to spend some time in med bay; then have been kept busy down in the cargo hold sorting out some legacy crates). However, I’ve been listening in on comms all the while, so grab a cuppa and I’ll bring you up to date on what’s been going on…

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Top Ten Tuesday: backlist SF I really want to read

Top Ten Tuesday is was created by The Broke and the Bookish, and is now hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl. It’s all about books, lists and sharing the love we have of both with our bookish friends. This week, we’ve been asked what backlist books we’re looking forward to – and of course I’m going to be focusing on SF books.

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Mission Status Update: what awaits us out there?

OH MY WORD – one day into SciFiMonth and my mentions were pinging away like a winning slot machine as the excitement exploded. They haven’t stopped since (you’re all AMAZING!). So I couldn’t resist an early round-up of the first three days so we can admire the TBRs and all watch our wishlists balloon out of all control (sorry, not sorry).

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The universe awaits: welcome to SciFiMonth 2018

The first full moon of winter has been and gone. It’s time to turn our gaze to the skies and see what dreams may come. That’s right, folks, it’s SCIFIMONTH! Once again, Lisa and I will be your hosts for a month-long celebration of all things science fictional. So, what can you expect this year?

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Plotting a course to SciFiMonth 2018: sign up, schedule, and swag

Your annual SF love-in is just around the corner (okay, two weeks away, but we’re excited, okay) and we can’t wait to find out what strange new worlds and civilisations you’re planning to explore. So what have we got for you? An exciting sign-up giveaway, plus SciFiMonth banners and buttons to download!

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Persepolis Rising opens a new era of The Expanse

Book cover: Persepolis Rising - James S A Corey (who would have guessed - it's a close up of a spaceship in flight)Earth has almost recovered from the Free Navy’s genocidal attack. The Alliance have nearly rebuilt their depleted navies. The Belters’ Transport Union controls traffic to all the colonies beyond the Gates …except one. Now the Gate to Laconia is about to re-open. Mars’s wayward children are ready to return, and they have their own vision for the future of humanity…

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Shelter: ushering in the Aftermath

Book cover: Shelter - Dave Hutchinson (a man walks towards a cottage against a lurid red-yellow sky)When the Sisters hit the Earth, they ended modern civilisation in minutes. Tidal waves wiped out coastal cities. The Long Autumn culled millions as oceans rose, crops failed and medicines ran out. 100 years later, opposing forces are trying to assert control over Britain’s scattered survivors. Welcome to the Aftermath.

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Announcing SciFiMonth 2018: the universe is what we make of it

Summer is drawing to a close, and the nights are getting longer. It’s time to look up at the stars and wonder what’s out there. That’s right, friends – SciFiMonth is on its way! Lisa and I will be your intergalactic hosts once again this year as we read, blog and dream about all things science fictional. Will you join us?

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Throwback Thursday: Babylon’s Ashes

Book cover: Babylon's Ashes - James S A Corey (spaceship exterior. As usual)The fall out just keeps on falling out as rocks continue to shower the Earth, and shaky alliances begin to crumble. While billions starve and the few control the future of the many, will anyone realise that – against all odds – humanity may not be the only threat to its own survival?

I think I actually managed to be spoiler free

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