I have actually *gasp* been to the cinema this year now – there was no way I wasn’t going to go see Mad Max: Fury Road (from the safety of a very comfortable sofa at the back of the sensibly-sized local screen, watching in 2D), but you could be forgiven for raising an eyebrow at the fact I have also seen San Andreas (yes, I love @katejkatz that much).

Another trip to Australia, another opportunity to indulge in some cinematic catch up. Except I chose to spend most of the outbound flight reading or watching Season 4 of Game of Thrones instead, and got a taster of Penny Dreadful on the way home. In between, I did manage to see a bunch of awards nominees and recent releases.

So the advantage of long flights is the number of hours you can spend reading and watching movies without a shred of guilt to get in the way. I tend to bounce between catching up with stuff I really wanted to see but didn’t (for whatever reason) and watching things I would never otherwise have given a second glance.