It is my enormous honour today to be host to a brilliant scholar. She has done extensive work in the field of Draconean literature, and is presently engaged in the greatest challenge of her career. You may have heard of her illustrious grandmama, but I assure you – you want to be acquainted with the latest scion of the house of Trent. Dear readers, I give you: Audrey Camherst!

A fleet of Rumikan ships floats in pieces off the interdicted coast of Quloo. Did the Rumikans try to go back on their promises? Did the militant elements within the Quloi stage the attack to seize power? Did the Vanians strike out at the nascent power of a nation they despise for its gender-fluidity? Is the Empire moving swiftly to keep Rumika in its place? How long can the fragile peace last? How often can I yell AAAAAAAAAH?