Book cover: The Fall of the Kings - Ellen Kushner & Delia ShermanTheron Campion, heir to Tremontaine, takes after his father the Mad Duke: smart and scandalous. Dallying at the University, he meets intense young historian Doctor Basil St Cloud and the pair begin a passionate relationship. But Theron has royal blood, and the North cries out the return of Kings and wizards. Will Basil’s research become the catalyst for a royal revolution?

Book cover: The Fall of the Kings - Ellen Kushner & Delia ShermanA new generation dominates Riverside and the Hill. But old allegiances are coming to the fore. Kings and wizards have long been studied at the University, but as Northerners cry out for the return of the King, Basil St Cloud and his students may find their studies more political than historical. And the Hill has a history of solving political differences with swords…

Book Cover: The QuickI have a soft spot for vampire novels, as long as they’re not paranormal romance. I have strong opinions about vampires and faerie being dark and terrifying; I can accept alluring and seductive, but not sparkly gushing. That said, I didn’t realise The Quick was a vampire story when I picked it up – it is described as modern take on gothic horror, and for some reason I thought it was going to be about magicians.

Book Cover: Open Skies

Ilsa’s talent for hacking and Kai’s people skills make them experts at following a cold scent, and they’ve built a successful business on finding things. But when Eleazar Dantes offers them double the usual fee if he can accompany them across the galaxy in their search for his daughter, they find themselves in unknown territory – professionally and personally.