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Bite-sized Books: The Black Tides of Heaven

Book cover: The Black Tides of Heaven - J Y YangAkeha and Mokoya are the twin children of the Protector, sold to the Grand Monastery in exchange for military support. But Mokoya is a prophet, a resource too valuable for their mother to let go, while Akeha has the heart of a rebel. In a country ruled by fear, can they find peace for themselves – let alone for the rest of their people?

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Bite-sized Books: The Murders of Molly Southbourne

Book cover: The Murders of Molly Southbourne - Tade Thompson (blood trickling down the bottom half of a woman's face)When Molly Southbourne bleeds, a new Molly is born. The Mollies look just like she looks; know what she knows; and sooner or later each of them tries to kill her. How can she protect herself and her loved ones from herself? And how she to keep from bleeding?

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Bite-sized Books: Binti – Home

Binti and Okwu have settled into life at Oomza Uni – in so far as they can as a Meduse and a Himba with blue tentacles for hair. Troubled by nightmares and erratic rages, Binti becomes convinced she needs to go on pilgrimage to be ritually cleansed. She needs to go home.

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The Moor’s Account: alternative fiction

Book cover: The Moor's Account - Laila Lalami (a red-tipped quill on a parchment texture background)In 1527, a Spanish colonial expedition landed in Florida to establish new colonies. 9 years later, the only 4 survivors finally reached Mexico City: 3 Spanish noblemen and 1 Moorish slave. This is his story.

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Bite-size Books: Sunbolt

Book cover: Sunbolt - Intisar Khanani (rich red-orange text on a blue background with a geometric motif above it)Hitomi is a foreign-born street thief with dangerous secrets: untrained magical abilities and ties to the Shadow League, enemies of the corrupt Archmage. But even the haunted streets of Karolene are safer than what awaits her beyond its borders.

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DiverseAThon 2017: what I’ll be reading

The world can be a dark and scary place. But it doesn’t have to be. Yesterday, there were marches globally for equality and a better future. Today sees the start of the 2nd DiverseAThon with very similar goals: equal representation; equal voice. The weeklong read-a-thon is hosted by Booktubers Christina Marie, Joce,  MonicaWhitney and Simon – and for us bloggy types, Naz has created a sign-up at ReadDiverseBooks.

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Certain Dark Things: narco-vampire noir

Book cover: Certain Dark Things - Silvia Moreno-Garcia (a face half-obscured by swirling blood)There are no vampires in Mexico City: the sanitation squads and the human gangs keep the city clear. That makes it either the safest or the stupidest place for a vampire on the run – but Atl is out of options. Silvia Moreno-Garcia’s narco-vampire noir never misses a beat.

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Reblog: Monster Book Giveaway — Margrét Helgadóttir

A signal boost – because look HOW GORGEOUS this is (and then look at who has contributed and get even more excited).

I am running a book giveaway at Facebook. Enter before August 31st for a chance to win copies of the two coffee table books European Monsters and African Monsters.

via Monster Book Giveaway — Margrét Helgadóttir

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Ninefox Gambit: The Machineries of Empire

Book cover: Ninefox Gambit - Yoon Ha LeeCaptain Kel Cheris is a dedicated soldier with an unusual gift for mathematics. Disgraced by her unorthodox tactics, she is teamed up with disembodied traitor General Shuos Jedao to put down a heretical rebellion or die trying. Can she trust the advice of a warlord who has never lost a battle – but is infamous for slaughtering his own troops?


Bite-sized books: Bloodchild

Book cover: BloodchildGan has been raised with alien T’Gatoi as part of his extended family, comfortable with the knowledge that he will one day incubate her eggs inside his body. But he has no idea what this actually entails, and witnessing the agonies of a birth provoke second thoughts.

Hard-thought SF

Bite-sized books: The Terracotta Bride

Book cover: The Terracotta BrideHell isn’t quite what Siew Tsin expected. Thankfully, she’s living in the right postcode, even if she has been married off to an older man. But when wealthy Junsheng brings home terracotta woman Yonghua to be his third bride, the quiet serenity of Siew Tsin’s unhappiness is disturbed by unexpected feelings.

Love, death and rebirth. They all hurt.

The Tale of Yin – Joyce Chng

Book cover: The Tale of YinMirra is a magic-user in a village where magic is a man’s preserve. Fierce and independent, she is forced to leave her home when her secret is uncovered. Her travels – and those of her daughter Kindness – form a magical duology of self-discovery and self-worth.

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