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Bitesize Books: Acadie

Book cover: Acadie - Dave Hutchsinon (spaceships against green spacescape)The Colony have hidden from Earth for 500 years, screened behind their dewline, protected by their superior technology and their augmented intelligence. But as humanity colonises the stars, they have never stopped hunting their wayward children. Who will inherit the stars?

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Europe in Winter: redrawing the map

Book cover: Europe in Winter - Dave Hutchinson (3 faces reflected in an icy surface)The fractures are becoming kaleidoscopic in the third instalment of the Fractured Europe sequence. University intelligence man Rupert is now settled in Europe and working as an agent for Rudi; former chef Rudi is trying to work out who is behind a string of terrorist attacks; and who knows what the Community – or the Coureurs – are really up to…

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Europe at Midnight: further up and further in

Book cover: Europe at Midnight - Dave Hutchinson (a train coming through a tunnel between two faces in profile)In a recognisably near future, countries have broken away from the EU, regions have declared themselves independent and even city blocks claim sovereign status. It’s a headache for bureaucrats – and the postal service – and a busy time to be a spy. Welcome back to fractured Europe.

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Europe in Autumn: fractured indeed

Book cover: Europe in Autumn - David Hutchinson (indistinct brown haired man's face)Rudi is an excellent chef with a stubborn streak he can’t hide. When he becomes a Coureur – a member of Europe’s clandestine postal and people trafficking service – life becomes more interesting than a Friday night cooking for Hungarian mobsters. But Rudi has no idea what secrets he’s carrying – or who will kill to protect them.

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