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An A-Z of bookish delight

I’m taking a break from Top Ten Tuesday – I’ve enjoyed the little hiatus, so I’m going to participate less frequently to try and stay fresh. However, I do like a good meme and happily The Illustrated Page tagged me in the A-Z Book tag – so here we go! An alphabet of SFF favourites:

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New Pompeii: what did the Romans ever do to us?

Book cover: New Pompeii - Daniel Godfrey (a city slipping through an hourglass into a volcano)Nick Houghton is running out of time. His father’s disgrace and a straitened economy look set to ruin his academic career. When a shadowy corporation make him an offer too good to refuse, he doesn’t. What classicist could say no to the chance to go to Pompeii?

Yes of course the misquote is on purpose

The Expanse Read-along: Abaddon’s Gate – Week 3

Everybody wants to get their hands on Jim Holden – but Mars got to him first. As Baca tries to persuade the survivors to join him aboard the Behemoth, the Martians refuse to hand over their prisoner – and Captain Ashford becomes increasingly volatile. Meanwhile, Anna shows Melba just what a priest can do when she puts her mind to it…

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Throwback Thursday: Traitor’s Blade

Book cover: Traitors Blade - Sebastien de Castell (a swordsman in a swooshy blood-red cloak)The Greatcoats once enforced the King’s Law. Now they are outcast wanderers, despised by the commoners they no longer defend and feared by the Dukes whose will they used to thwart. But the First Magister has not abandoned his dead King’s dream. If he can find the King’s best-kept secret, the Greatcoats may yet defeat the Dukes’ dream of absolute rule.

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In the Labyrinth of Drakes: hearts desires

Book cover: In The Labyrinth Of Drakes - Marie Brennan drawing of a dragon as hatchling, 3 year old and adultJake has gone to school. Isabella has weathered another storm of disapproval. And now King and country need someone to take over a dragon-breeding program in the deserts of Akhia. Where Suhail comes from. OH ISA-BE-LL-A….


The Expanse Read-along: Abaddon’s Gate – Week 2

Every political power has a fleet at the Ring – and they’re all painting the Rocinante with their targeting lasers as Melba’s gambit pays off. So if you were Jim Holden, hanging in front of a mysterious alien gate with no control over your gunship’s guns or comms, what would you do? WHAT WOULD YOU DO?

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Throwback Thursday: The Collector of Lost Things

Book cover: The Collector of Lost Things - Jeremy Page - a ship under sail on the horizon, shades of blueHaunted Eliot Saxby is employed by men with more means than sense to search for traces of the recently-extinct Great Auk. He is not the only unusual passenger aboard the Amethyst. Edward Bletchley, bright and brittle, has brought his engraved guns and his mysterious cousin Clara. Will these troubled southern souls find any peace in the blood-soaked travels of an Arctic trader?

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Signs for Lost Children

Book cover: Signs for Lost ChildrenRecently qualified and newly wed, Dr Ally Moberley-Cavendish has a lot to adjust to as a wife and as a doctor in a women’s asylum. Can she and Tom survive a separation of months so soon after their marriage; is she right to stay behind with her ghosts as he sets sail for Japan?

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The Expanse Read-along: Abaddon’s Gate – Week 1

Drunk synopses are honest synopses: Book 3 picks up in the outer solar system, with Mr Corey testing our ability not to snigger like teenagers as the protomolecule creates an enormous ring just outside the orbit of Uranus.

Grown up. Honestly. There’s a bevy of new characters in book 3, and – as usual – this first week is all set up as we slowly build up to the rollercoaster. Also, Holden sees dead people.

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Throwback Thursday: Whispers Underground

Book cover: Whispers Underground - Ben Aaronovitch (an artistic take on a London streetmap, dripping blood)When the son of a US senator is found dead in a tunnel just before Christmas, the heat is on to find his killer and get the trains running (London priorities). Given the scarcity of leads, it’s just as well Lesley May is back to lend Peter a hand with some Proper Policing…

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Redux: July

July has been a hard slog in real life – work taking centre stage – so while I’ve done plenty of reading, I’ve not stayed on top of my reviews. This is unlikely to change any time soon – I’m nearly at the end of my extended trip to the US, but I’m hoping to take some actual holiday off the grid when I get home, so it could stay fairly quiet here for a while.

Reading round-up, Stacking the shelves and goal progress

The Expanse Read-along: Caliban’s War – Week 4

Crunch time: can Avasarala, Bobbie and the crew of Rocinante survive – let alone stop a war and rescue Prax’s daughter – or have they finally been out-gunned? We’re at the point where everything is hard to put down and – and book 2 ends on a cliffhanger (that last line) so I’ll be barrelling right through to Abaddon’s Gate.

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