The My Life In Books tag has become an annual tradition for me as a fun way to highlight the previous year’s reads from unexpected angles. I found it via The Captain and Laura Tisdall, but it originated (as far as I can tell) with Adam at Roof Beam Reader in 2010. This post has the honour and the burden of being my 1500th, apparently (whaaaaaaat) but let’s not tell it so – that’s a lot of pressure to perform.

Happy new year! 2022 was a bitch, frankly, so here’s hoping for better times in 2023. I’ve lined up two significant challenges at home and work, so blogging will likely take a back seat (or be at best sporadic) – but let’s start with a look back at the year that was and a look ahead at what to expect.

I’ll look back at 2022 in a couple days; for now, let’s wrap up December. The end of the year inevitably involved a lot of travel, a round of is-it-a-very-bad-cold-or-is-it-COVID (I didn’t have any LFTs on hand), and thankfully relatively little other seasonal drama. A quiet Christmas with family somehow resulted in very little reading, but as they wisely gifted me books I am all set for the new year.

I began the year by signing up to lots of challenges, none of which I expected to take terribly seriously – they were intended to help me pick my next backlist read, rather than to be strictly achieved. Just as well really, since I stopped tracking any of them long before summer. But did I accidentally complete any (prompts) at all?

Book cover: Origin Complex - Andrew SkinnerThe old city was ruthlessly quarantined when an ancient virus was unleashed, but analyst Crash knows its secrets and walks its haunted streets. When the company dreadnought sends a secret message from the deepspace anomaly known as the Eye, the city is the only place Crash can pick it up. But what could push the Demiurge to call for help?