The My Life In Books tag has become an annual tradition for me as a fun way to highlight the previous year’s reads from unexpected angles. I found it via The Captain and Laura Tisdall, but it originated (as far as I can tell) with Adam at Roof Beam Reader in 2010. This post has the honour and the burden of being my 1500th, apparently (whaaaaaaat) but let’s not tell it so – that’s a lot of pressure to perform.

I was absolutely definitely going to declare today a Space Opera Sunday and review The All-Consuming World, but well, I’m still wrangling my thoughts on that and I’m away with my Mum and our plans today involve castles and hills and cake and not me wrestling with my feelings about a book. SO, new blog plan! Mayri the BookForager recently came up with a shiny new Introductions tag – go grab a cuppa and I’ll give you a glimpse of my scaly underbelly. So to speak.