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Victory of Eagles

Book cover: Victory of Eagles - Naomi Novik (UK hardcover, stylised woodcut design of London and dragons)Captain Will Laurence has been sentenced to death for treason. He will continue to live only so long as Temeraire, banished to the Welsh breeding grounds, continues to cooperate. With British dragondom badly depleted by sickness, Napoleon seizes his chance to invade. Can our boys earn their freedom in defence of King and country?

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Empire of Ivory: doing the right things

Book cover: Empire of Ivory - Naomi Novik (UK hardcover, stylised woodcut design of dragons, jungle plants and African animals)Laurence and Temeraire return home to discover that British dragons are dying of a fatal illness. The Aerial Corps is grounded, leaving the country exposed to Napoleon and Lien. A belated insight dispatches the boys and their ailing friends to Africa in the hope of finding a cure – but nobody has ever returned from an expedition to the interior…


Black Powder War: the long way to a small angry dragon

Book cover: Black Powder War - Naomi Novik (a red dragon coiled about a glass bauble holding a field gun)Temeraire and Laurence are becalmed in Macau when new orders arrive, bidding them hasten to Istanbul to collect much-needed eggs. Our boys have a desperate choice: to dare the dangerous overland route or go by sea and risk arriving months too late for the hatching. Will they make it in time?

Vengeance, duty and flamboyant new friends

Throne of Jade: bromance under fire

Book cover: Throne of Jade - Naomi NovikRevealed as a Chinese Celestial, Temeraire has become an international incident: the Chinese have sent a delegation to bring him home, and the Admiralty are minded to agree in the interests of diplomatic relations. Will our boys be separated?

Did I mention it has dragons?

Temeraire: (not) His Majesty’s Dragon

Book cover: Temeraire by Naomi NovikI could dress this up ten ways from Sunday, but why bother: Temeraire is the Napoleonic War with added dragons, and if that doesn’t float your boat then I don’t know what to say. I fell head over heels with this historical bromance cum fantasy of manners, because it is glorious. And it has dragons.

Did I mention it has dragons?

Riverside Review: The Fall of the Kings

Book cover: The Fall of the Kings - Ellen Kushner & Delia ShermanTheron Campion, heir to Tremontaine, takes after his father the Mad Duke: smart and scandalous. Dallying at the University, he meets intense young historian Doctor Basil St Cloud and the pair begin a passionate relationship. But Theron has royal blood, and the North cries out the return of Kings and wizards. Will Basil’s research become the catalyst for a royal revolution?

Non-specific spoilers

Riverside Review: The Privilege of the Sword

Book cover: The Privilege of the SwordWhen the Mad Duke Tremontaine offers to drop his vendetta against his sister if she surrenders her daughter to him for 6 months, young Katherine heads for the City with pipe-dreams of velvet cloaks, rich suitors and saving her family. But what does Alec Campion really want with her? And can a woman ever exercise the privilege of the sword?

Non-specific spoilers

The Passage – Justin Cronin

Book cover: The PassageAmerica, present day. The military have found a mysterious virus that accelerates healing. They test it on death row inmates in an underground bunker, documenting the unexpected side effects. They have safeguards in place. Nuclear failsafes. Because if the subjects escape, nothing will be able to stop them.

Obviously it’s going to go wrong.

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Riverside Review: Swordspoint

Book Cover: SwordspointIn an unnamed city, the nobility literally look down on Riverside from the Hill. They love Richard St Vier, common swordsman, for his grace and his style. He kills with a single thrust to the heart. Welcome to a world of barbed wit, disguised malice and exquisite fencing.

No re-cap, just a review

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