toptentuesdayWe’re close enough to the end of the year that I’m happy to jump on the bandwagon and call my reads of the year. I make no apology for reading books years after they were published; I’ve been pointed at some cracking older works this year, and they get their full share of love – these are my top ten reads of 2015. My 2016 resolution is to have a more up-to-date reading list (although I don’t promise to like the newest books best).

Another year, another crop of books read and films watched. It’s been a bumper year in books – 60 completed, and 2 more weighty tomes mostly-completed before being abandoned in disgust (well, that makes the Worst Of The Year easy). Movies have been pretty typical (12, plus the cinema presentation of the NT Frankenstein), and very typically front-loaded. Autumns are not about cinema, apparently. Again, being frugal in going means we don’t see things we don’t want to, so a high satisfaction index for the year.