The My Life In Books tag has become an annual tradition for me as a fun way to highlight the previous year’s reads from unexpected angles. I found it via The Captain and Laura Tisdall, but it originated (as far as I can tell) with Adam at Roof Beam Reader in 2010. This post has the honour and the burden of being my 1500th, apparently (whaaaaaaat) but let’s not tell it so – that’s a lot of pressure to perform.

I intended to squeeze out another review to close out my twelve days of festive blogging, but I’m swerving into a final (for now) retrospective on 2022 instead. Today I’m picking some highlights from the blog over the past 12 months: some posts you loved, some posts I loved, and some posts that deserve more love!

Happy new year! 2022 was a bitch, frankly, so here’s hoping for better times in 2023. I’ve lined up two significant challenges at home and work, so blogging will likely take a back seat (or be at best sporadic) – but let’s start with a look back at the year that was and a look ahead at what to expect.

I began the year by signing up to lots of challenges, none of which I expected to take terribly seriously – they were intended to help me pick my next backlist read, rather than to be strictly achieved. Just as well really, since I stopped tracking any of them long before summer. But did I accidentally complete any (prompts) at all?