Book cover: This Is Our Undoing - Lorraine Wilson

Lina fled London to work for a European conservation corps, but her fragile peace shatters when her ex is arrested for assassinating a Minister. While Lina tries to extract her family from London, the Minister’s family also flee to the mountain reserve she works on. Everyone has deadly secrets – but will they kill to preserve them? 

Book cover: The Jasmine Throne - Tasha SuriThe new Parijatdvipan Emperor is a tyrant and a zealot, fond of ‘purifying’ women with flame. When his rebellious sister refuses to be sacrificed, she is imprisoned. But allies are sometimes found in the strangest places, and Malini is not alone in her fear of the Emperor. Chandra’s cruelty may set the whole Empire alight. 

Book cover: A Desolation Called Peace - Arkady MartineAs a terrifying alien force invades Teixcalaanli space, maverick commander Nine Hibiscus is sent to stop them or die trying. When Three Seagrass responds to an urgent request from the beleaguered fleet, she invites Mahit to help her make contact and negotiate peace. But a quick end to a war between their two greatest threats isn’t in Lsel Station’s interests…