Book cover: The Space Between The Stars - Anne Corlett (a woman's silhouette against a pale blue sky)The virus had a long incubation period. By the time it started killing, it had already spread across the stars. Those who survived the second day lived. The rest burnt up, 99.9999% of the human race reduced to piles of dust. Now the few survivors – scattered across planets – must try to reconnect, regroup and choose their future. Should Jamie try to rebuild what she’s lost or choose a fresh start?

I’ve done a reasonable job of staying on top of my NetGalley eARCs, but I have quite a haul direct from authors and publishers that are prickling my conscience. And that look amazing. So hooray for ARC August, the perfect time to get on top of them. My goal is to read 4, because I’ve got other commitments too (not to mention a lot on at work!) with a stretch goal of 6.