Book review policy

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All book reviews by @imyril.

Reviews PublishedA guide to how I rate reviews can be found here.

50 Book ReviewsAll reviews are my honest opinion, and books received for review will be clearly flagged as such. I am happy to offer space for guest posts, giveaways, cover reveals and interviews to authors / agents / publishers with whom I have an established relationship (where I have reviewed the author’s work previously or I regularly review for your imprint).

Am I right for your book?

I only accept adult speculative fiction, scifi and fantasy for review (yes, I read and occasionally request more broadly, but very, very selectively). I will not accept self-published novels at this time.

I look for narratives that include a range of genders, ethnicities, sexualities, dis/abilities and indeed races (non-humans, hurray!) – and portray them in a positive light. I am not generally a fan of male-dominated, grimdark, military, comedic, and/or primarily romantic narratives. Romantic subplots – especially LGBTQIA – are welcome. I very rarely accept YA.

I reserve the right to decline to review books that do not appeal to me.

Want to contact me?

Please email me at imyril at onemore dot org if you would like me to review your work, providing a synopsis or link to more information. Please be specific if you require a review within a certain period. I will get back to you as soon as I can to confirm my interest/availability.