In the latest random update on life, I’m back in Hong Kong (after a flying visit a few weeks ago to pitch for the project I’m now here to kick off). Hong Kong is both lovely and very, very odd. There’s a clear and large gap between ex-pats and locals and between those with and without money (often the same two¬†groups, but not exclusively). Everything feels both new and shallow – although I think this is an ex-pat / moneyed view, and probably contrasts with a deep vein of culture and warmth if you are lucky enough to know and be part of local HK Chinese culture.

I finally got round to finishing the first series of Dollhouse while ironing for tomorrow. Quite apart from […]

I shall barely let the leaves settle on the year before posting my thoughts on the best and worst of (what I experienced of) movies and books, because if I delay I’ll never get it done.

In spite of my feeling that we missed some great films this year (choosing to stay home and work on the house instead of going out), we managed to see 17 this year. Looking back at the last few years, this is a good crop. I also note a pattern: a solid rush in the first half of the year, followed by disinterest through the autumn and winter. My boy suggests this relates to good film releases early in the year for Oscar season; I note a reflection of early summer blockbusters, followed by meaningful movies on DVD.

Books fared less well. 2009 is the first year I haven’t passed the 50-book threshold. This reflects evenings spent working on the Grand Design, and a move to overland commutes: as the trains are often full by the time they reach my stop, I end up sardined in with no space to read.