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A Matter of Oaths: cyberpunk space opera

Book cover: A Matter of Oaths - Helen S Wright (a silhouetted man overlaid with a web of light)Formidable Commander Rallya needs a new First Officer for Bhattya; talented young webber Rafe needs a new berth. But Rafe is an Oath-breaker and few crews will consider taking him on. Worse, he was identity-wiped: he has no idea who he was or why he broke faith. But there are those who do, and they aren’t finished with him – or with Bhattya if she takes him on Excellent story with bonus pulp scifi cover art

Tremontaine: My Life for Your Life

Rafe and Reza are men about town, while Kaab gains a startling insight into the Duchess and hunts down her wayward spy. We’re coming up to mid-season and inter-relationships are starting to get complicated, with hints of unexpected alliances as new friendships develop.

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There’s always room for one more… Alien movie (apparently)

2104. The colony ship Covenant is headed for Origae-6 with 2000 colonists, 1100 embryos and 15 crew aboard. After a freak accident, the crew intercept a mysterious signal from a supposedly uninhabited – but temptingly habitable – planet. They turn aside from their course to investigate. What can possibly go wrong?

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SciFi Month Round-up: the story so far

SciFi Month 2017 is off to a flying start with blog posts, podcasts, booktubes and bookstagrams coming in thick and fast. It’s tricky keeping up, but I wanted to showcase some of the contributions so far…

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The Expanse Read-along: Babylon’s Ashes – Week 2

The fall out just keeps on falling out as rocks continue to shower the Earth, and shaky alliances begin to crumble. This week is all about moments of tension contrasted with moments of pure humanity as we see what makes people tick, what they value and what they’re prepared to do for what they believe in.

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Revenger: a young lady’s guide to becoming a space badass

Book cover: Revenger - Alastair Reynolds (a spaceship, black on black)Humanity is scattered across the hundreds of worlds of the Congregation, picking through the locked baubles of previous Occupations to steal their lost technologies. Few have the courage to venture into that darkness. But the Ness sisters are keen to escape their controlled lives on Mazarile, and they have no idea what evils lurk in the Empty…

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The Book Was Better (or was it): Android vs Blade Runner

In a slight twist on proceedings, I’m not only asking whether Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep was better, but comparing it to two films at once. Which is a tall order and gives me lots to talk about. Or may just be a thinly veiled excuse to talk about Blade Runner 2049.

…yeah, it may just be that.

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Tremontaine: Every Face A Forgery

This week’s episode is a warning to guard our hearts. Diane’s former mantra – attachment is a weakness – may come back to haunt all our beloved characters. Their affections and their assumptions make them vulnerable. I AM WORRIED ABOUT EVERYONE, OKAY?

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The Expanse Read-along: Babylon’s Ashes – Week 1

In the aftermath of Marco Inaros’s devastating assault on Earth, all alliances look unsurprisingly fragile as every player in the solar system jockeys for position. While billions starve and the few control the future of the many, will anyone realise that – against all odds – humanity may not be the greatest threat to its own survival?

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The Collapsing Empire: if only it were tv

Book cover: The Collapsing Empire - John Scalzi a spaceship against a lurid green backdrop)When humanity left Earth, they did so via the Flow – a little-understood force that handily connects disparate places in the universe. The Flow makes faster-than-light travel unnecessary. The Flow, consequently, holds the far-flung Empire together. And as one emperox dies and an unsuited heir is crowned, the Flow is collapsing…

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Tremontaine: Night of the Flames

While Riverside revels in being released from its siege (and Tess tries to keep it from revelling in ways that would see the siege reinstated), the City – and Rafe – prepare to party through the Night of the Flames. But some fires have a sadder purpose, as the Kinwiinik release Ixsaabim’s spirit to rejoin her ancestors at last. How can Kaab satisfy everyone who is now watching her?

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We have lift off! Welcome to Sci Fi Month

The nights are dark, the mercury’s dropping, the winter is closing in – but November means it’s SciFi Month again! This year I’m stepping in for our founder Rinn to help Lisa bring scifi geekery and out of this world enthusiasm from a wonderful crew of bloggers.

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