You know that saying about buses coming in threes? They’re not trying hard enough. Beware July 22nd, when SFF releases are due in such numbers you may find yourself overwhelmed should you stray into a bookshop unprepared… Time to take a look at what new releases I’ll be considering making some room for next month.

20 Books of Summer is an annual challenge hosted by Cathy of 746 Books. This is all about reading and reviewing your backlog over the summer – just set a target of 10, 15 or 20 books and declare a TBR (you can always change it later). In spite of 2021 being my year of no goals, I’m taking part as usual with an achievable goal of 15 (which is what i said last year, then spent the summer rereading instead, ahem).

Juliet McKenna is an author I’d been meaning to read forever. When good bookfriends expressed quiet but fervent enthusiasm for The Green Man’s Heir, I decided it was time to take the plunge. Today I’m here to be your good bookfriend and express my own quiet but fervent enthusiasm for this contemporary folkloric fantasy series. You should take the plunge, the water is fine if full of terrifying naiads and nixes.

You may know the saying: no two people in the contacted world are more than six social connections apart. Inspired by Kate at Books Are My Favourite And Best, I apply this notion to books, seeking interesting ways to hop from one book to the next based on a shared author, theme, award win and so on. For Wyrd and Wonder, I’m delighted to welcome Christopher Buehlman to take the Six Degrees challenge as part of The Blacktongue Thief’s book birthday celebrations.

It’s been a tricky year to release a new book. Few signings, no cons, libraries and bookshops closed half the time so fewer opportunities for eyes to snag on display copies. If it was bad for established names, think how much harder it was for authors putting their very first book out into the world. So today I’m looking back at some of the fantasy debuts since last year’s Wyrd And Wonder.