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SciFi Month Round-up: it’s been a great month

SciFi Month 2017 has been epic: over two dozen bloggers, nearly 100 reviews plus nearly 100 other posts for chats, discussions, giveaways, interviews and more! We’ve celebrated space opera and cyberpunk, classic SF and Star Wars, and if we haven’t loved everything nothing has soured our delight in the genre. I’ve loved every minute. I hope your TBR has grown as fast as mine.

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SciFi Month Round-up: the story continues

We’re past the halfway mark now, but we’re not slowing down! SciFi Month 2017 continues to celebrate all things speculative, science and space-based across as many media as we can reach. Here’s a recap of this week’s flailing activities.

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SciFi Month Round-up: the story so far

SciFi Month 2017 is off to a flying start with blog posts, podcasts, booktubes and bookstagrams coming in thick and fast. It’s tricky keeping up, but I wanted to showcase some of the contributions so far…

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We have lift off! Welcome to Sci Fi Month

The nights are dark, the mercury’s dropping, the winter is closing in – but November means it’s SciFi Month again! This year I’m stepping in for our founder Rinn to help Lisa bring scifi geekery and out of this world enthusiasm from a wonderful crew of bloggers.

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Apex spotlight: meet Jason Sizemore and Lesley Conner

I’ve mentioned my love for and entanglement with Apex Magazine before, so it’s with great pleasure that I’d like to introduce the editors: Big Chief Jason Sizemore and Comfortably In Control Lesley Conner (who has All the Answers AND a Production Spreadsheet of Doom – but we’ll get back to that). They joined me for a fun kaffeeklatsch in honour of the annual subscription drive.
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Author spotlight: meet Mikhaeyla Kopievsky

Book cover: Resistance - Mikhaeyla Kopievsky (a woman's face drawn in circuitry)Mikhaeyla Kopievsky has just released her debut novel Resistance, first in the Divided Elements series. I was delighted to get the opportunity to settle in with a cocktail and interview this exciting new author. Join me to find out more about her and her intriguing dystopian world.

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Bite-size Special: What makes an Apex story?

It’s the first Friday of SciFi Month, and today it’s time for something a bit different for Bite-size Books: the first ever guest post here at x+1.

Lesley Conner, managing editor of Apex Magazine, is taking the keyboard to try and get to the bottom of what makes a short story an Apex short story. Over to Lesley – and her special guests, my colleagues on the slush team!

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