Once upon a time, I would have said a doorstop was my favourite kind of read: a big chonk I could lose myself in. These days, I have shorter commutes (ahem) and less patience; consequently, I’ve come to love shorter-form. Last year, a third of my reads – and half my favourite reads – were novellas. Today and tomorrow I’ll be wrapping up my thoughts on a few I haven’t yet reviewed.

Book cover: Empire of Gold - S A ChakrabortyDaevabad has a new ruler with allies that make the blood run cold, willing to murder its people to hold the throne. All djinni in the city and beyond lost their magic when the city fell, leaving them defenceless. Nahri will face a terrible cost if she is to forge peace from the ashes…

Book cover: The Doors of Eden - Adrian Tchaikovsky

Life finds a way, or so the saying goes. What if it found a different one? What if dinosaurs still ruled the world, or insects, or giant cats? What if doors between parallel realities began to open? Would you slam them closed or try to cross those thresholds?