I intended to squeeze out another review to close out my twelve days of festive blogging, but I’m swerving into a final (for now) retrospective on 2022 instead. Today I’m picking some highlights from the blog over the past 12 months: some posts you loved, some posts I loved, and some posts that deserve more love!

Happy new year! 2022 was a bitch, frankly, so here’s hoping for better times in 2023. I’ve lined up two significant challenges at home and work, so blogging will likely take a back seat (or be at best sporadic) – but let’s start with a look back at the year that was and a look ahead at what to expect.

I’ll look back at 2022 in a couple days; for now, let’s wrap up December. The end of the year inevitably involved a lot of travel, a round of is-it-a-very-bad-cold-or-is-it-COVID (I didn’t have any LFTs on hand), and thankfully relatively little other seasonal drama. A quiet Christmas with family somehow resulted in very little reading, but as they wisely gifted me books I am all set for the new year.

October has been hard work as I struggled to shake my lingering cough and have wrestled with ongoing ambiguity and workload challenges at work. By mid-October, there was at least the promise that things will improve eventually – and then it was time for some Spooktastic Reads, which always puts a smile on my face (although I’ve taken a back seat this year to stay focused on meatspace).

March was difficult with a capital D, thanks to a combination of family drama (a close relative nearly died, but is thankfully on the mend), brain weasels and illness. On the plus side, my scrambled brain didn’t stop me reading for once, so I put my head down and made progress on my Subjective Chaos reading list – and even my backlog – resulting in 3 of my favourite reads of 2022 so far.