Drunk synopses are honest synopses: Book 3 picks up in the outer solar system, with Mr Corey testing our ability not to snigger like teenagers as the protomolecule creates an enormous ring just outside the orbit of Uranus.

Grown up. Honestly. There’s a bevy of new characters in book 3, and – as usual – this first week is all set up as we slowly build up to the rollercoaster. Also, Holden sees dead people.

The world can be a dark and scary place. But it doesn’t have to be. Yesterday, there were marches globally for equality and a better future. Today sees the start of the 2nd DiverseAThon with very similar goals: equal representation; equal voice. The weeklong read-a-thon is hosted by Booktubers Christina Marie, Joce,  MonicaWhitney and Simon – and for us bloggy types, Naz has created a sign-up at ReadDiverseBooks.