Our allies are separated. Alone in Ebora, Vintage faces difficult truths. Even more isolated aboard the Behemoth, Hest is desperate as Celaphon to forge a connection. Noon and Tor find Origin, but the mysterious island poses more riddles than it provides answers. Aldasair goes home with Bern, but idyllic Finneral is the Jure’lian Queen’s next target… and she has plans for Hest.

Signal boost for a read-along close to my heart! My regular partners in crime Lisa of Dear Geek Space and Jorie of Jorie Loves a Story are continuing their guided read of the Wayfarer books! Not read A Closed and Common Orbit yet? Have read it, but would love to chat through it (or reread it; you know you want to)? They’ve got you… Read at your own pace from Christmas, weekly discussions start mid-January.

Full details: Lisa & Jorie Present: A Closed and Common Orbit Read-Along! – Dear Geek Place

24 in 48. Never heard of it? Neither had I. It’s a twice-yearly weekend readathon, where bookworms around the globe try to cram 24 hours’ reading in between midnight Friday and midnight Sunday. Unlike the relentless Dewey’s 24 hour readathon, you can stop to eat, sleep, walk the dog, or just rub your eyes clear of words – cheered on by other readers worldwide who have given themselves permission to read all weekend. I had to give it a go…