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Top Ten Reasons To Join The Hexarchate

Yoon Ha Lee’s Machineries of Empire is hands-down my favourite space opera of recent years. The third book, Revenant Gun, was published this week, bringing the series to a close (or does it? There’s a promise of short stories to come, at least) and I’m delighted to be part of the supporting blog tour. To celebrate, I’m giving you my top ten reasons to join the Hexarchate…

Spoiler-free for plot and character details

The Book Was Better (or was it?)

I learnt young to mistrust the excitement of hearing that a beloved book is being turned into a movie (thanks for nothing, Disney). It’s a sentiment shared by many bookworms after the latest Hollywood attempt to boil a favourite down to 90 minutes of entertainment: the book was better. But is this always true? For SciFi Month, I revisited Jurassic Park to see how it held up.

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Confessions of a bad SF fan

Confession time: every time I see a list of ‘must-read scifi novels’ or ‘scifi to read before you die’, my heart sinks. Just for a moment. I guess I’m just a bad SF fan – the classics that typically dominate these lists very rarely float my boat. But is that my failing or theirs?

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My god, it’s full of stars

It’s November, which means it’s the fourth annual SciFi Month, brought to us by our lovely hosts Rinn and Lisa. Sci Fi Month (as the name suggests) is a month-long celebration of all things science fiction – I’ll be joining in with strictly SF-flavoured book reviews, top ten Tuesday twists, and special features throughout the monthIt’s not too late to get in on the fun – follow the official @SciFiMonth account or the hashtag #RRSciFiMonth on Twitter for the latest updates, or sign up here and take part!


Tremontaine: Convocation – taking another look

It’s time for Tremontaine Season Two. The Lords are back from summering in their estates, and Diane is back in the City “to seek a new lover, hire a new swordsman and show the secretary from Chartil her shawl”. Oh yes, that’s my Duchess. 

My thoughts in detail.

TremonTEAM: welcome to the casting couch

A delightful invitation from TremonTEAM this week: to cast our favourites. Who can resist? Not this reader, whose only difficulty will be settling on the talent to properly convey the intellect, the sensuality and the careful patience of a certain Duchess. This is too big a task for this reader alone; so consider me the casting agent, offering recommendations to those of greater wisdom.

Let’s see, where shall we start…

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TremonTEAM: Good friends are enabling friends

Yes, I know, that’s not always true. But I love my bookish friends because they constantly introduce me to new and interesting books (and authors), and then make me feel better about the mountain of books towering over me waiting to be read. Solidarity, bookish friends. We will read together and it will be good.

What I’m saying is it was all Lisa’s fault

Fanfest crossover: what would the Sorting Hat say?

I was recently burrowing deep down a rabbit hole as I attempted to write a review, and I found myself discussing characters in terms of their Hogwarts houses. I wasn’t meant to be writing about Harry Potter, but (no surprises) it was far too much fun not to. How would you sort your favourite characters from other worlds?

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A sartorial challenge from TremonTEAM

Our TremonTEAM week 4 challenge was to create a collage outfit for a character we love. I was initially incredibly daunted by this, so I gingerly tiptoed my way into Polyvore and started throwing some ideas around. For your amusement, here are my visions of a modern Micah and some ideas on how the Kinwiinik might make a stir at the Swan Ball.

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An unusual investment from TremonTEAM

Discreet investors are invited to consider an outstanding opportunity to become a silent partner in the one of the Land’s most gracious country estates. Situated comfortably within a day of the City by coach, the stately home is privately located within extensive grounds, perfect for country escapes, educational retreats or peaceful convalescence.

Not in any way endorsed by the Duke

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