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Books (being) read and pending imminent review are included without links.



ADAMS, Richard | Watership Down

ALI, Ayaan Hirsi | Infidel

ALSANEA, Rajaa | Girls of Riyadh

ASLAM, Nadeem | Maps for Lost Lovers


BACIGALUPI, Paolo | The Wind-up Girl

BANKS, Iain M |

BEAR, Elizabeth | Blood and Iron

BENNETT, Alan | An Uncommon Reader

BERLINSKI, Mischa | Fieldwork

BESTER, Alfred | The Stars My Destination

BEUKES, Lauren | The Shining Girls | Zoo City

de BODARD, Aliette |

BRADBURY, Ray | Fahrenheit 451

BRENNAN, Marie |

BROCKMEIER, Kevin | The Brief History of the Dead

BRYAN, Nick | The Girl Who Tweeted Wolf

BURNETT, Frances Hodgson | The Secret Garden

BUTLER, Octavia | Wild Seed | Bloodchild


CALDECOTT, Andrew | Rotherweird

CAMUS, Albert | The Stranger

CAREY, Jacqueline | Naamah’s Kiss

CAREY, M R | The Girl With All The Gifts | Fellside

de CASTELL, Sebastien |

CHAMBERS, Becky | The Long Way To A Small, Angry Planet | A Closed and Common Orbit

CHNG, Joyce | The Tale of Yin

CHO, Zen | Spirits Abroad | Sorcerer to the Crown | The Terracotta Bride

COGMAN, Genevieve | The Invisible Library | The Masked City

CONNER, Lesley and SIZEMORE, Jason | The Best of Apex Magazine (Vol 1)

COOPER, Susan | Over Sea, Under Stone | The Dark is Rising | Greenwitch | The Grey King | Silver On The Tree

COREY, James S A |

  • The Expanse: Leviathan Wakes | Caliban’s War | Abaddon’s Gate | Cibola Burn | Nemesis Games

CORLETT, Anne | The Space Between The Stars


CRICHTON, Michael | Jurassic Park

CRONIN, Justin | The Passage


DICK, Philip K | Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep

DOYLE, Arthur Conan | A Study in Scarlet


ELISON, Meg | The Book of the Unnamed Midwife | The Book of Etta


FELICE, Cynthia | Downtime

FLYNN, S C | Children of the Different

FONSECA, Jose | English As She Is Spoke

FOSTER, Emily | The Drowning Eyes

FREY, James | A Million Tiny Pieces


GARBER, Stephanie | Caraval

GELINEAU, Mark & KING, Joe | Echoes of the Ascended (8 linked novellas)

GENTLE, Mary | Golden Witchbreed | Ancient Light

GILBERT, Elizabeth | The Signature of All Things

GODFREY, Daniel | New Pompeii

GRANT, Katherine | Sedition

GRANT, Mira | see Seanan McGuire

GUARD, Richard | Lost London


HAMBLY, Barbara | The Time of the Dark | The Walls of Air | The Armies of Daylight

HARKAWAY, Nick | Tigerman | Gnomon

HELGADÓTTIR, MARGRÉT | The Stars Seem So Far Away | Winter Tales (ed.)

HILL, Matt | The Folded Man | Graft

HILL, Susan | The Betrayal of Trust

HIRAIDE, Takashi | The Guest Cat

HOLMQVIST, Ninni | The Unit

HUTCHINSON, Dave | Acadie



JAE-JONES, S | Wintersong

JAMES, Vic | Gilded Cage | Tarnished City

JONASSON, Ragnar | Snowblind

JONES, Gwyneth | Proof of Concept


KERR, Katharine | Polar City BluesSnare

KHANANI, Intisar | The Bone Knife | Sunbolt

KIRSTEIN, Rosemary | The Steerswoman

KLEINN, Yolande | Open Skies

KOPIEVSKY, Mikhaeyla | Resistance

KOWAL, Mary Robinette | For Want of a Nail

KUSHNER, Ellen | Swordspoint | The Privilege of the Sword

KUSHNER, Ellen & SHERMAN, Delia | The Fall of the Kings

KUSHNER, Ellen et al | Tremontaine

KÜTTNER, Iiro & TIETÄVÄINEN, Ville | Tales by Trees


LALAMI, Laila | The Moor’s Account

LAM, L R | False Hearts | Shattered Minds

LAWRENCE, Louise | The Warriors of Taan

LE GUIN, Ursula |

LEE, Yoon Ha | The Fox’s Tower |

LETO, Lauren | Judging A Book By Its Lover

LOTZ, Sarah | The Three

LIU, Cixin | The Three-Body Problem


MANDEL, Emily St John | Station Eleven

MANNING, Rosemary | Green Smoke | Dragon in Danger


MATHESON, Richard | I Am Legend

MAUGHAM, W Somerset | Liza of Lambeth

McCORMACK, Una | Star of the Sea

McGUIRE, Seanan |

MORENO-GARCIA, Silvia | Certain Dark Things

MORGAN, Richard |

MOSS, Sarah | Bodies of Light | Signs for Lost Children

MUNROE, Randall | What if?

MURAD, Mahvesh | The Apex Book of World SF Vol 4 |

MURAD, Mahvesh & SHURIN, Jared | The Djinn Falls in Love


NESBO, Jo | The Devil’s Star

NEWMAN, Emma |

NOBLE, Carrie Ann | The Mermaid’s Sister

NORFOLK, Lawrence | John Saturnall’s Feast

NOVIK, Naomi | Temeraire (His Majesty’s Dragon) | Throne of Jade | Black Powder War | Empire of Ivory | Victory of Eagles | Tongues of Serpents | Crucible of Gold | Blood of Tyrants | League of Dragons


O’MALLEY, Daniel | The Rook | Stiletto

OKORAFOR, Nnedi | Binti | Lagoon

ÓLAFSDÓTTIR, Auður Ava | The Greenhouse

OWEN, Lauren | The Quick


PAGE, Jeremy | The Collector of Lost Things

PALAHNIUK, Chuck | Fight Club

PIERCE, Tamora | Alanna

PIETRO, Zen di | Translucid

PRIEST, Christopher | The Prestige

PROSE, Francine | Reading Like a Writer



RAKUNAS, Adam | Windswept | Like A Boss

REDICK, Robert V S | The Red Wolf Conspiracy

REDLING, S J | Damocles


SCALZI, John | Lock In | The Collapsing Empire

SCHWAB, V. E. | A Darker Shade of Magic | A Gathering of Shadows | A Conjuring of Light

SCOTT, Melissa | Shadow Man

SHAFFER, Mary Ann | The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society

SHEPHERD, Lloyd | The English Monster

SHEVDON, Mike | Sixty-One Nails

SIGURDARDÓTTIR, Yrsa | Last Rituals

SKRUTSKIE, Emily | The Abyss Surrounds Us | The Edge of the Abyss

SLOAN, Robin | Ajax Penumbra 1969

SMYTHE, James | The Explorer | The Echo

STABENOW, Dana | Second Star | A Handful of Stars | Red Planet Run

SYLVER, RoAnna | Chameleon Moon


TAYLOR, Laini | Dreams of Gods and Monsters

TIPTREE Jr, JAMES | Up the Walls of the World



VALENTE, Catherynne | Silently and Very Fast

VANDERMEER, Ann & Jeff | The Ultimate Time Traveller’s Almanac

VANDERMEER, Jeff | Annihilation

VONNEGUT, Kurt | Slaughterhouse-Five


WALTON, Jo | Lifelode

WARD, Catriona | Rawblood

WATTS, Peter | Blindsight | Echopraxia

WEBB, Holly | Return to the Secret Garden

WEIR, Andy | The Martian

WELLS, Jennifer Foehner | Fluency

WOOD, Naomi | The Godless Boys

WRIGHT, Helen S | A Matter of Oaths



YAP, Felicia | Yesterday