My Life In Books: 2022 edition


The My Life In Books tag has become an annual tradition for me as a fun way to highlight the previous year’s reads from unexpected angles. I found it via The Captain and Laura Tisdall, but it originated (as far as I can tell) with Adam at Roof Beam Reader in 2010. This post has the honour and the burden of being my 1500th, apparently (whaaaaaaat) but let’s not tell it so – that’s a lot of pressure to perform.

The rules for this tag are simple: using only books read last year, answer the following questions. So, what was my life in books like in 2022?

In high school I was: Pollen From A Future Harvest (let’s start with something poetic, yes?)

People might be surprised by: Sinopticon

I will never be: The Godbreaker

My fantasy job is: The God of Lost Words

At the end of a long day I need: Firebreak

I hate: Alyx (okay, I didn’t hate Alyx, but it was my least favourite read of the year)

I Wish I had: The Green Man’s Gift

At a party you’d find me with: The Knave of Secrets

I’ve never been to: This Dreaming Isle

A happy day includes: The Dark Between The Trees (walks in nature, not being eaten by forests. Hopefully)

Motto I live by: Plan For Chaos

On my bucket list is: What Abigail Did That Summer

In my next life, I want to have: A Manslaughter of Crows

Obligatory disclaimer: titles chosen as much to highlight things that didn’t make my top ten for the year and for sheer amusement value – don’t read too much into the choices!

Fancy having a go? Tag yourself in and leave a link in the comments