#ReadAsThouWilt – once more with feeling

Kushiel’s Avatar: a Wyrd and Wonder read-along

Having decided a couple of years ago that mid-February is the best time to read Jacqueline Carey’s epic fantasy about the many forms of love, this February we’re finally reading Kushiel’s Avatar. We’ll be tackling this chonky trilogy-closer across 6 weeks starting February 12th – if you’d like to join us, you’re very welcome!

Phèdre nó Delaunay de Montrève is god-touched, revered for her strange, rare gift of pleasure and her razor-sharp intellect. For all her victories, Phèdre has never found a way to keep her vow to free her dearest friend, bound to an eternal service; and nor been able to entirely resist the dangerous allure of notorious traitor Melisande Shahrizai. When Melisande begs Phèdre to rescue her son, Phèdre cannot abandon an innocent child to spite his dangerous mother. But the road will be long and dark, and the window to save Hyacinthe may be closing…

Discussion schedule

Carey’s fantasy is a steamy mix of pain, pleasure and politics and Kushiel’s Avatar will take Phèdre farther (in every sense) than we have ever seen. If you care (or dare) to join us, Lisa, Mayri, Peat and I will be reading about 150 pages each week with public discussions in blog posts for those who wish and incoherent screaming in a private Discord for all. Each week, one of the readers will prompt discussion with some questions.

That said, you are absolutely free to read at your own pace. The weekly breakdown is a guide to what we will discuss each week – if you read ahead, please avoid spoilers in your comments, and if you fall behind, we’ll be happy to chat later when you catch up.

  • Week One | Beginning through end Chapter 16 – prompts by me
  • Week Two | Chapter 17-34 – prompts by Peat Long
  • Week Three| Chapter 35-51 – prompts by Lisa @ Dear Geek Place
  • Week Four | Chapter 52-68 – prompts by Mayri @ BookForager [TBD]
  • Week Five | Chapter 69-85 – prompts by ?
  • Week Six | Chapter 86 through the end – prompts by ?

Fancy joining in? You are more than welcome – just drop a comment here to let us know to expect you. If you would like to volunteer to set questions, any reader is welcome to adopt a week. Otherwise Peat has foolishly volunteered, so he and I will take double duty.

I’ll aim to post my responses (and a links round-up) on Sundays starting Feb 12th and finishing – as is thematically appropriate – on British Mother’s Day (March 19th).

Please drop a comment if you would like to join our adventure.