Make Some Room: January

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New year, new books to add to your TBR. I’m here to help with a selection of (in my entirely subjective opinion) the most interesting January releases to make some room for on your shelves.

I’m loving everybody’s lists of anticipated 2023 releases – I’ll chime in next week with some thoughts on what’s in store for us later in the year, but for today let’s focus on January releases.

Book cover: The Wick - Julianna Baggott

Roon is a backup human with no memory and no future. Bukef is an engineered monster made for war. When Roon unexpectedly becomes Bukef’s wick, they’re bonded for life – and turn against their creators to find the place Roon once called home. Some tropes get me every time. The Wick by Julianna Baggott is out on January 10th (Firebird Creative).

The Alicia is a seedy Vegas hotel that calls to those in need of refuge. Fleeing those who killed their parents in Colombia, Alvaro and Carmen take jobs there and discover the monstrous secret hidden within, but feel powerless to fight its evil. Extended Stay is a Gothic reflection of exploitative capitalism and illegal immigration by Latinx author Juan Martinez, a haunting body horror to kick off the year. Out on January 30th from The University of Arizona Press.

Book cover: Extended Stay - Juan Martinez
Book cover: The Daughters of Izdihar - Hadeer Elsbai

Pitch me elemental magic and feminist rebellion in an Egyptian-inspired secondary world and see how quickly I snatch up the first of 2023’s epic sapphic fantasies. The Daughters of Izdihar by Hadeer Elsbai is set to light the spark that starts the year on January 12th (Orbit).

Hamlet is one of my least favourite Shakespearean plays, but here Hamlet 2.0 is a state-of-the-art android sworn to avenge the mysterious deactivation of the original model, once the prize of Elsinore Robotics. To be or not to be human is the question – and in spite of myself I’m curious to see how far M Darusha Wehm takes this reimagination of Hamlet, Prince of Robots. Out on January 31st from Angry Robot (of course).

Book cover: Hamlet, Prince of Robots - M Darusha Wehm
Book cover: Bad Cree - Jessica Johns

Mackenzie’s dreams keep returning her to the events surrounding her sister Sabrina’s death. When they start intruding on the waking world, she flees back to her family – but there’s no escaping the crows that stalk her. What has she brought home? An own voices tale of guilt and grief set in rural Alberta, this haunting novel is already calling to me. Out on January 31st (Scribe).

Let’s hear it for an older protagonist getting the banned back together (no, that’s not a typo) to go on a world-hopping adventure and rescue her grown-up son. Because you never stop worrying about your kids, and they never stop getting in trouble. The Keeper’s Six has an irresistible pitch, and I can’t wait to see where Kate Elliott takes it. Out on January 17th from

Book cover: The Keeper’s Six - Kate Elliott
Book cover: The Endless Song - Joshua Phillip Johnson

The Endless Song returns us to the grassy swells of The Forever Sea, where winds are summoned by song and bone fire and water is a rare resource. Kindred finds familiar faces and a new challenge on the Seafloor while Arcadian refugees make waves on the Mainland – but can they save the Forever Sea from the encroaching Greys? This eco-epic sequel is released on January 24th (Titan Books).

What else is coming out this month that I should be getting excited about?

All release dates and publishers are for the UK unless otherwise mentioned.