Twelve Days of Bookmas 2022

I’ve seen out the past two years on the blog with Twelve Days of Bookmas: a concerted effort to catch up on overdue reviews and post every (or most) days. Three times makes it an annual habit, and one I’m happy to embrace again this year after my patchy blogging this autumn.

Twelve Days of Bookmas started as a vehicle for me to embrace writing shorter posts and accept that I started reviewing to capture my thoughts on my reads, not to try and write perfect reviews. This year, I’ve once again got quite a backlog – nearly half a dozen unreviewed ARCs and 10 other reads I’d like to review although I don’t feel obliged to, as I bought them. But I bought them because I really wanted to read them and I largely loved them – and if you don’t review the reads you love, what’s the point?

So, between Boxing Day and January 6th you can expect a parade of mini reviews, longer reviews, retrospectives, 2023 plans and anything else that takes my fancy. I may not post every day – I’m visiting family and friends, and they will take priority. It’s also been a very long, hard year, so I’m absolutely giving myself permission to declare blogging too much like work and go read a book, walk a dog or get up to mischief on any given day. But I hope to post most days and make a bit of a dent in that review backlog.

First, however, it’s Christmas – so before I go find a mince pie and possibly something sparkly, I send you all my best wishes of the season along with my deepest thanks for your ongoing visits, comments and tacit encouragement to keep churning out content on my little corner of the internet.