Top Ten Tuesday: midwinter reads

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Top Ten Tuesday was created by The Broke and the Bookish, and is now hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl. It’s all about books, lists and sharing the love we have of both with our bookish friends. With December deep about us, it’s time to consider our winter TBR…

This winter is mostly about mood reading. A little voice tells me I ought to be catching up on 2022 releases, but I’m ignoring it. I have a stack of ARCs (some of which are well past their release date). And this year has been a lot in a lot of different ways, so I’m going to take December and January to mostly read whatever the hell I like (ironically, that has resulted in 3 ARCs in a row in December so far).

One thing I am liking very much is this year’s low-key effort to read more anthologies, so I will be continuing my bite size reading. First up is Apex Magazine 2021, which collects the short stories published – you guessed it – in Apex in 2021; and secondly I am very excited to read Opulent Syntax, an upcoming collection of Irish speculative fiction. I’ve got a further stack of anthologies on the shelf, so I’ll be taking this new habit into 2023.

While we’re talking short form, I’ve also got a stack of novellas that I could consider (and yes, one of these is not like the others). In some weird personal failure – and in spite of pre-ordering them so they’ve been on my shelf the longest possible time – I haven’t actually read this year’s Solaris Satellites yet. Clearly this needs to be remedied, as does the fact that I haven’t yet read Sisters of the Forsaken Stars. I dropped my novella game this year, and I should pick it up again.

After that, it’s a huge list of possibilities: overdue ARCs, 2023 releases I’m dying to read but haven’t actually read yet, backlist books I very much want to catch up on, all those gorgeous Goldsboro SFF editions that piled up before I cancelled in recognition that I liked the covers better than the curation. What I’m most likely to read is a recent buy – The Hollows by Daniel Church – which fits my 2022 trend towards horror-tinged and mythic rural fantasy, and which feels like a good midwinter pick.

It’s easier to pick audio reads. I’ve got a long car journey ahead and three 2022 releases lined up to keep me company through it – but as one of those is a HarperCollins title and I’m trying to respect the picket line, that means I’ll be lining up two darkly fantastical tales of watery women (The Seawomen and Our Wives Under The Sea).

But we’ll see. It’s reader’s choice from here through until Subjective Chaos kicks back in – we’ll see where that leads me.

What will you be reading?