Make Some Room: December

Header (text): MAKE SOME ROOM (there's always room for one more)

December seems surprisingly quiet for genre releases this year, which suggests that I’ve done poor research (quite possible; I’m a bit overwhelmed at present) or that we can look forward to a fabulous 2023. So what have I found to make some room for?

No, really – surprisingly quiet. So quiet half of my picks for this month are delayed hardback releases for books already available digitally.

This anthology of Irish speculative stories and poetry promises witches, dystopian snowstorms and mad science as it indulges in the many possibilities of past, present and future. Due out from Neon Hemlock on December 13th, just in time for seasonal story sipping between festivities.

Melissa Caruso is back to close out her trilogy of Rooks and Ruin with The Ivory Tomb on December 8th (Orbit). I have no idea what it’s about as I haven’t read book two yet and I’m avoiding spoilers, but hooray for the chance to charge straight to the end rather than hang out on cliffs for a year gasping! The Obsidian Tower introduced lovable characters and an apocalyptic threat, so I can only assume that by now Eruvia is in terrible danger and its time for desperate choices.

Book cover: Apex Magazine 2021

If you’re a fan of the work of Apex Magazine (it me!) but terrible at keeping up with their monthly output (also me!) then Apex Magazine 2021 is the answer: an anthology of the year’s stories in one handy edition. Expect 48 top notch tales inhabiting the uncanny edges of genre, strange and beautiful. Out from Apex Books on December 20th.

CL Polk is back with a stand-alone novella of fantastical noir, where a magical detective is made an offer she can’t refuse: track down a notorious vampire in exchange for a happy ever after, or spend eternity in hell as previously planned. Out now in the US, with a UK hardback release finally catching up with previous digital and audio editions in time for stockings on December 20th (Tordotcom/St Martin’s Press).

I’ll close with a third anthology and a second title that is playing Christmas catch-up with a UK hardback release on December 20th (Tordotcom/St Martin’s Press). Africa Risen holds 32 tales of African and African Diaspora SFF from a wealth of amazing authors and an award-winning editorial trio.

What else is coming out this month that I should be getting excited about?

All release dates and publishers are for the UK unless otherwise mentioned.