SciFiMonth Challenge giveaway

SciFiMonth 2022: ten years of exploring all things SF

With one week left to go, it’s time to take the wrappers off our final SciFiMonth Solaris Book Bundle! Our friends at Rebellion Publishing have been incredibly generous for our birthday, so our final bundle features some fabulous releases from the past couple of years.

Let’s take a look at the titles that are up for grabs…

Ion Curtain – Anya Ow

Set the dials for conspiracy and space opera: the Cold War has spread to space, where the UN and Russians continue to face off and spy on one another. When a scavenger recovers an AI from a destroyed Russian battleship, it becomes clear humanity isn’t the only player in the game – but can old enmities be set aside in the face of a new adversary?

Skyward Inn – Aliya Whiteley

Book cover: Skyward Inn - Aliya Whiteley

Aliya Whiteley spins weird, lyrical, gorgeous tales of what if and never was that gaze into the human soul. Skyward Inn is a place where people gather to tell tales of the time before the war, hunkering down against a changing world. A strange disease and the arrival of a stranger force reflection on the nature of love, loss, and community. Can we really turn our backs on the world?

The House of Styx – Derek Künsken

A stand-alone* prequel set in the Quantum universe, The House Of Styx focuses on the roots of the quantum evolution and the efforts to tame Venus. Here humanity clings on in fragile floating trawlers, harvesting what they can from the planet’s toxic clouds. But Venus has more to offer – for a house with the courage and commitment to claim it.

* I understand there may be sequels coming, but it can be read as a stand alone / point of entry to the universe.

Book cover: The House of Styx - Derek Kunsken

Sinopticon – edited by Xueting Christine Ni

Book cover: Sinopticon - Chinese SF stories translated by Xueting Christine Ni

I read this awesome anthology at the start of the year – it’s a brilliant introduction to Chinese science fiction, exploring new and unfamiliar themes from a different cultural context. Some stories focus on ideas, others are driven by characters, one features a starship that is a library. Expect ruminations on history and cross-cultural academia, time travel and the complexities of being a zombie in love.

How to enter

Any member of the SciFiMonth crew is eligible to enter for a chance to win this brilliant bundle of books. You must have officially joined the crew by signing up for the event so we have your contact details, and then make a post inspired by the SciFiMonth Challenge before December 1st to be included in the prize draw.

If you’ve already posted, your work here is done! If not, there’s a week left to pick one of the 30 prompts and post to your blog, Instagram post, Twitter thread or other social media platform we can see without signing up. Wherever and whenever you post, remember to use the #SciFiMonth tag and share your link with us in the Master Schedule – we can’t include you in the draw if we don’t know you’ve posted!

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