#SciFiMonth Mission Log: week two

Control to SciFiMonth fleet: it’s time to grab a cuppa, put your feet up and tune in to what your crewmates have been up to during the second week of SciFiMonth! Whether you’ve been hip deep in clones or navigating the unexpected quirks of an alternate timeline, Lisa and I are here with a round-up of reviews, discussions and recommendations…

Each week, Lisa and I publish our mission logs to bring you a full update of everything that’s been going on. This week, you can head on over to Dear Geek Place for a round-up of the crew’s reviews, memes and the read-along, or keeping reading for some introductions and a look at the SciFiMonth challenge!

Crew update

We always welcome new crew aboard when we make port, so first up: a big hello to Jackson Allen and a warm welcome back to the Nashville Bookworm.

The SciFiMonth Challenge

We’re loving the way the crew are interpreting the prompts – there’s always room for a creative reinterpretation and it’s a delight to see them come to life. Let’s take a scout through this week’s submissions…

Lists and recommendations

There’s plenty of content beyond the Challenge of course – we’re living for the big fat lists of recommendations of current and future releases to get excited about (note to self: install more shelving. We don’t need a spare shuttle bay).


As we come to the half way point in our journey, it must be time to give away MOAR BOOKS? Yeah, you betcha.

  • This week I’ll be celebrating small press and independently owned publishers here at There’s Always Room For One More – and what better way to do so than by giving away some books? Watch out for details of how to get your hands on a super early ARC of The Ten Percent Thief by Lavanya Lakshminarayan
  • We also have a second super Solaris birthday book bundle in honour of SciFiMonth turning ten! This giveaway is open internationally to anybody who signs up as crew and makes a SciFiMonth Challenge post before the end of the month. Watch out for a post this week featuring the amazing titles in the bundle…
  • Lisa will be giving away a £20 voucher for The Portal Bookshop at the end of the month – sign up for SciFiMonth and make a post before the end of the month! (UK only)
  • Tammy will be hosting her traditional end of SciFiMonth giveaway – watch out for details in her wrap post at the end of the month at Books, Bones & Buffy

Made a post we haven’t mentioned? Don’t forget to add a link to your posts to the master schedule to be included in the Mission Logs. The cut-off for adding to the schedule is an arbitrary time on Sunday, depending on what life has thrown at us. Don’t worry – if you miss the cutoff, we include your link in the next Mission Log.

Right – time to set our course for another week and see what delights SciFiMonth has in store…