#SciFiMonth Mission Log: week one

Hailing all channels: it’s our first weekly round-up of SciFiMonth shenanigans! If you’ve been trapped in a pocket universe or cut off from comms on a strange new world, Lisa and I are here to bring you the news of what your SciFiMonth crewmates have been getting up to. Grab a cuppa and batten down your TBR… 

Each week, Lisa and I publish our mission logs to bring you a full update of everything that’s been going on. This week, you can head on over to Dear Geek Place for a round-up of the crew’s lists, chatter and challenge responses along with a read-along update, or keeping reading for the crew’s introductory posts, TBRs and reviews – and an update on our SciFiMonth giveaways! 

Crew update

We welcomed some new crew aboard as we left dock, so a warm welcome (and in some cases welcome back) to: Celeste of A Literary Escape, Vanessa of Fangirl Faction, the inimitable Mervi, Dr Laura Tisdall and Reading Tonic.

Introductions and TBRs

The first day of our mission is usually when we share our TBRs, whether they be firm plans, more like guidelines anyway or entirely aspirational…

  • Lauren at Always Me has an epic TBR to choose from and planned weekly posts – watch out for a giveaway at the end of the month
  • Alex of At Boundary’s Edge has an epic stack to read and an eye on some upcoming releases…
  • Tammy of Books, Bones & Buffy is back for her ninth mission with a packed schedule – don’t miss her annual previews of 2023 adult and YA SF releases
  • Mackenzie of Colour Me Read will be reading as her mood dictates, but this TBR definitely puts me in the mood for reading space opera…
  • Co-host Lisa is winging it at Dear Geek Place (if you don’t like to see your hosts flying by the seat of our pants, it is past time to look away 😂)
  • Calypte of Little Frog Scribbles is setting a course for space opera, indulging in some rereads and lining up one of the month’s most exciting new releases…
  • Mervi has lined up some modern classics, short stories and graphic novels
  • Wyrd & Wonder adventurer One Reading Nurse is joining us for some SFnal mood reading
  • New crewmate Quintessentially Bookish has space opera, dystopia and supervillains on the menu
  • Reading Tonic is keeping a flexible TBR but salvage horror, cyberpunk, dystopia and first contact are exciting propositions…
  • Maddalena boosted the signal with maximum enthusiasm at Space and Sorcery
  • Susy is BACK and juggling SciFiMonth with SPSFC2 at Susy’s Cozy World
  • Mogsy is putting SciFiMonth on The Bibliosanctum schedule with dinosaurs, time travel and a really terrifying rat
  • The Green Tea Librarian is juggling SciFiMonth with Non-fiction November
  • Ariana of The Book Nook is keeping her ambitions in check with 2 of my favourite novellas, some short stories and a side of Scalzi (you can’t say no to dinosaurs)
  • I have already thrown all my plans out the window because I’m moving house, but check out the crew roll call at There’s Always Room For One More
  • Anouk of Time for Tales and Tea has just two books on her TBR, but they are two that have been on my TBR for ages so I’m super excited to hear her thoughts
  • Celeste of A Literary Escape is keeping it low-key, which is entirely on-brand for SciFiMonth
  • Heather looked back at SF she has read this year so far at Based On A True Story
  • Kirsten of Video Games As Literature will be chilling out with Star Ocean
  • Sahi of My World of Books has some sapphic space opera to squeeze in between ARCs and non-fiction reads
  • Dr Laura Tisdall has SFnal novellas lined up along with some mouthwatering space opera

A huge thank you to all our returning crew who have come back to celebrate the tenth anniversary with us – and a big HELLO to the new faces. Here’s to ten more years!

Book Reviews

Media Reviews

Made a post we haven’t mentioned? Don’t forget to add a link to your posts to the master schedule to be included in the Mission Logs. The cut-off for adding to the schedule is an arbitrary time on Sunday (ahem, or Monday apparently), depending on what life has thrown at us. Don’t worry – if you miss the cutoff, we include your link in the next Mission Log, so you haven’t missed your chance if you didn’t add your posts for the first week (if you were fully signed up as crew, you may find I have added them for you – don’t get used to it, I’m moving house this week so will be very hands-off these next 7 days!)

Right – time to set our course for another week and see what delights SciFiMonth has in store…