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SciFiMonth 2022: ten years of exploring all things SF

If there’s one thing we learned from The Lord Of The Rings (other than don’t keep rings you find in rivers or caves) it’s that birthdays are for giving presents – and for our tenth birthday, Solaris Books have partnered with us to give away stacks of awesome SF titles across the month! Today I’m taking a look at the first exciting bundle – our sign-up giveaway.

What’s better than giving away one book? Giving away lots of books! I’m very grateful to our good friends at Rebellion Publishing for being ardent champions of SciFiMonth. We’ve got 3 giveaways lined up between now and the end of November, starting with our sign-up giveaway. This is a bundle of recent releases from Solaris Books that you need to get your hands on (I’m reading The Immortality Thief right now and it is a delight of my favourite brand of popcorn space opera). Let’s take a look at the titles that are up for grabs…

The Immortality Thief – Taran Hunt

A thousand-year-old spaceship holds the secret of immortality. The undying Ministers want it to ensure the survival of their race. The human Republic wants it to fight off the Ministers. Sean Wren needs it to buy back his life and freedom. But the only way to get to the prize will be for enemies to become allies – at least temporarily – because there are other secrets aboard, and most of them bite… A high-octane, page-turning adventure that is currently keeping me up way too late reading one more chapter.

Book cover: The Immortality Thief - Taran Hunt

The Chosen Twelve – James Breakwell

Any book that starts with the line God lived in the coffee maker on deck four is off to a compelling start. 22 young humans will compete through weird, wild and violent means as AIs try to select a crew to colonise the hostile planet of Dion. Some of the robots want to kill all humans. Some just want to kill other robots. One thing is certain: the survival of humanity means getting the hell off this moonbase… A darkly funny, often surreal, cherry-flavoured high stakes rollercoaster.

Under Fortunate Stars – Ren Hutchings

When a science ship responds to a distress signal, it is drawn into an anomaly that raises nothing but questions. The craft in need of rescue is a battered smuggler crewed by legendary heroes central to ending an interstellar 150 years earlier. The ships must find a way out before the air runs out to survive and get history back on track – else terrible consequences await for all of humanity. I’ll be diving into this character-driven timeslip space opera during SciFiMonth – care to join me?

Book cover: Under Fortunate Stars - Ren Hutchings

Someone In Time – edited by Jonathan Strahan

Book cover: Someone In Time - edited by Jonathan Strahan

Sticking with the time travel theme is Jonathan Strahan’s latest anthology, bringing together the talents of Zen Cho, Seanan McGuire, Alix E Harrow, Catherynne Valente and more to tell tales of love shaped by time travel. A heartwarming collection of short stories to see you through the winter.

How to enter

Any member of the SciFiMonth crew is eligible to enter our sign-up giveaway for a chance to win this brilliant bundle of books. First join the crew by signing up for the event and then make a SciFiMonth-related post before November 5th to be included in the prize draw.

Not sure what to post? How about sharing your SciFiMonth TBR on November 1, putting together a list of favourite or upcoming SF reads, shows or movies to share during the first few days, or simply signal boosting that SciFiMonth is coming up and you’re joining the crew? Posts can be on your blog, Instagram, TikTok, Tumblr, YouTube, or other social media channel of choice (for Twitter, a single tweet does not qualify, but a thread does). Wherever and whenever you post, remember to use the #SciFiMonth tag and share your link with us in the Master Schedule – we can’t include you in the draw if we don’t know you’ve posted!

Full terms and conditions on the sign-up form.

But wait there’s more…

We’ll be announcing a very special giveaway at the start of November for a chance to win an advance copy of a title that won’t the shelves until next year plus a second bundle of amazing recent releases to book-end the month. There’s always some impromptu giveaways once we’re in flight too, so join us in November to get in on all the fun.

What is SciFiMonth?

SciFiMonth is a celebration of all things SF throughout the month of November. Co-captain Lisa and I will be joined by the most welcoming crew online to read, watch, listen, play and talk about tales of could-be and what-if. We’re here to help you explore the genre whether it’s your first dip of the toe into the SF pond or your ongoing mission to find its furthest corners.

SciFiMonth means reviews, interviews, book tags, recommendations, and chatter about one of our favourite genres. Co-captain Lisa is hosting our SciFiMonth read-along of The Galaxy And The Ground Within by Becky Chambers to complete our many-year odyssey through the Wayfarers universe, and of course there’s our now-traditional SciFiMonth Challenge to provide daily inspiration for posts, pics and discussions.

Signing up to join the crew is not a commitment. We are a super chilled event that you can dip in and out of across the month – we don’t ask you to read a certain number of books or write a certain number of posts. Do as much or as little as you wish; some of the crew hang out on Twitter and/or in the comments to chat, others will post pics or posts regularly. It’s all good. Me, I’ve got grand plans that I am absolutely not on top of and the month hasn’t even started, so I’ll be making it up as I go along (ahem, as our veterans will confirm I do most years!)

So climb aboard – sign up to join the crew, and brace yourself for an ever-expanding TBR!


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