The SciFiMonth Challenge 2022

Autumn is well and truly here, and the countdown to SciFiMonth continues! This will be our tenth year of celebrating all things science fictional through November, and Lisa and I are as disorganised as usual busy brewing up tea, giveaways, read-alongs and our now-traditional SciFiMonth challenge. A prompt a day to keep the tribbles away? Something like that…

The SciFiMonth Challenge is an SFnal-themed prompt for each day through November to inspire blog posts, Twitter threads, TikToks, book photos on Instagram or Litsy or whatever else you choose to make of them. Our guiding principle for SciFiMonth is to keep it casual and keep it fun – you can ‘take the Challenge’ and try to answer every prompt, but if you just pick a couple of prompts to respond to during November, that’s cool too.

Similarly, there’s no fixed expectation of what form a response to a prompt might take. It could be a picture or review of a book or movie that fits the topic; a list of recommendations; a discussion post; unexpected cake (just because nobody has ever responded with songs or interpretative dance doesn’t mean we aren’t open to your wildest interpretations. If you feel prompted to respond with recipes or crochet patterns, we are here for it).

This year’s prompts

As ever, we’re sharing the prompts early so you have plenty of time to make a plan. So without further ado…

November 1Set your course (your SciFiMonth TBR)
November 2Previously, on SciFiMonth (books you read or discovered in SciFiMonths past)
November 3Even better together
November 4Celebrate a subgenre: Space opera
November 5Good things come to those who… wait
November 6Unreliable narrator
November 7Cover art: space craft
November 8Top Ten Tuesday: turn back time
November 9Hot off the press (new releases)
November 10Not as we know it (alt history or multiverses)
November 11Gone but not forgotten (authors, actors / film makers, characters we miss)
November 12Celebrate a subgenre: Afrofuturism
November 13#ShelfieSunday
November 14Cover art: puny human
November 15Top Ten Tuesday: to boldly go (independent, small press or self-published books)
November 16Current read
November 17Don’t leave me hanging (cliffhangers)
November 18Celebrate a subgenre: military SF (or tales featuring military characters if you don’t read milSF)
November 19Perfect voice (1st / 2nd / 3rd person vs omniscient – or heck, stories with singing)
November 20Book rainbow OR Books of a single hue
November 21Cover art: typographic
November 22Top Ten Tuesday: one small stop (novellas / short stories)
November 23Can’t wait to read (upcoming releases)
November 24Exquisite sufficiency (perfect one shot or satisfying series finale)
November 25Celebrate a subgenre: apocalyptic
November 26#StackSaturday
November 27Home sweet home (your SF comfort zone – fave author, tropes, subgenre…)
November 28Cover art: out of this world (alien, weird or what the hell)
November 29Top Ten Tuesday: can’t stop the signal (favourite SF blog/gers)
November 30Pass it on (favourite SciFiMonth read)

Check out the supporting notes if you need further suggestions on what direction to take a prompt in, but the prompts are here to inspire not proscribe – go with your gut.

What else will be going on?

As always, we’re looking forward to a month of reviews, discussions, recommendations, opinions and nonsense as we share our enthusiasm for all things science fictional. Lisa will be sharing plans for our SciFiMonth read-along very soon so keep an eye on Dear Geek Place for updates.

If you’d like to join us for 30 days of SFnal shenanigans in November, you’re very welcome – just sign up to call yourself a member of this year’s crew. Want a taste of what to expect? Dip into the archives of our previous missions.


In honour of SciFiMonth’s tenth birthday, we have an amazing sign-up giveaway bundle of recent SF releases courtesy of our friends at Rebellion Publishing:

  • The Immortality Thief – Taran Hunt
  • Under Fortunate Stars – Ren Hutchings
  • The Chosen Twelve – James Breakwell
  • Someone In Time – edited by Jonathan Strahan

To enter the giveaway, you must sign up for SciFiMonth and make a SciFiMonth post by November 5th (add a link to your post to the master schedule so we know you have posted).

If you’re on the crew and would like to boost the SciFiMonth signal on your own channels, you’re welcome to use our banners and buttons. Please do not make any changes (except to resize) and always credit the artist.

ARTWORK by Simon Fetscher