Six Degrees of Women in SFF

Women In SFF Tag Team Team featuring Dear Geek Place

The Fantasy Hive are hosting their annual celebration of Women In SFF, with an epic array of reviews, interviews, guest posts and other original content. The Tag Team tag was the perfect excuse to team up with my best blog buddy Lisa and get involved…

The Tag Team tag turns my beloved Six Degrees of Separation tag into a team sport: finding thematic links to jump from book to book through our favourite genres, but taking it in turns to find the next book – and for Women in SFF, the overarching focus is on female authors.

The Fantasy Hive started their chain with Howl’s Moving Castle by Diana Wynne Jones, so Lisa kindly jumped in the hot seat first as I’ve never actually read (or seen) Howl (I know, I know). And yes, I’ve only just realised we broke the rules as soon as we started. Oops?

The Fantasy Hive: Howl’s Moving Castle – Diana Wynne Jones

In a world where tropes and magic are part of life, a young woman is cursed by a powerful witch and goes to work for a wizard as his cleaner.

Lisa: Equal Rites – Terry Pratchett

When an ageing wizard mistakenly bequeaths his staff to a girl child, a powerful witch comes up with a way for the girl to attend the all-male Unseen University and train as the first female wizard – by disguising herself as a servant.

I know, I know, PTerry isn’t a female author – BUT this novel introduces Granny Weatherwax, one of fantasy’s most iconic female characters, so we’re running with it.

Anna: Alanna – In The Hand Of The Goddess – Tamora Pierce

Alanna of Trebond disguises herself as a boy as she longs to train to be a knight at the Royal Palace. Aided by a most unusual pet, she must outwit a deadly rival if she is to earn her shield.

Lisa: The Bone Shard Daughter – Andrea Stewart

As islands sink and the Emperor consolidates his power with his army of terrifying magical constructs, a princess, a smuggler and a most unusual pet are drawn into rebellion. But are the Empire’s ancient enemy really dead or are the Alanga also on the rise?

Anna: The Ninth Rain – Jen Williams

An adventuring academic, a blood-guzzling swordsman and a flame-throwing witch walk into a bar dare the Wild to seek out the remains of the marauding Jure’lia. But is this ancient enemy really dead – and if they aren’t, who could stop them now Ebora has destroyed itself?

Lisa: A Natural History of Dragons – Marie Brennan

Lady Trent may be the world’s most (in)famous adventurous academic – the woman who was unafraid to challenge the (patriarchal) Establishment to pursue her beloved research into dragons. But how did she manage it?

Anna: Sorcerer to the Crown – Zen Cho

When an orphan from Malaysia shows herself to be a magical prodigy she challenges the (patriarchal) Establishment, who are quite certain that magic addles a young lady’s tender brain.

Fancy having a go?

Jump on in – grab a friend and continue our chain or start your own (from Howl’s Moving Castle or any of the other books in the chain above or over at The Fantasy Hive). Remember to link back to The Fantasy Hive so they can come share the love!

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