The Wandering Fire: read-along

Banner: The Wandering Fire - A Wyrd & Wonder Read-along

Hot on the heels of our read-along of The Summer Tree during Wyrd & Wonder, we are racing into the second volume of the The Fionavar Tapestry to find out what happens. We’ll be reading The Wandering Fire through July – full details below, shout if you would like to join us!

The Fionavar Tapestry

Fionavar is the first of all worlds, root of every story that resonates across the Weaver’s creation. And now it is under threat: Rakoth Maugrim, the Unraveller, has escaped his thousand-year prison to take his revenge. Five students from our world have been drawn into the conflict – but how do you defeat a god who exists outside of creation and beyond time?

In The Wandering Fire, the fates of the five are bound ever more inextricably to the fate of Fionavar. Ripped away to our world by Kim’s wild power, they seek the Warrior whose name Kim has dreamed, hoping to persuade him to be the champion that Fionavar desperately needs. Meanwhile the nations of Fionavar must set aside their differences to forge an alliance – if they can survive the grip of a magical winter, first taste of Rakoth’s power…

Content warnings: aftermath of trauma / surviving sexual assault, suicidal impulses, human sacrifice (there may be more – it’s a long time since I’ve read this book so I’m hazy on details)

Reading Schedule

As ever, we’ve devised a schedule for reading and discussion. While everyone is free to read at their own pace, discussions will focus on set chapters each week with rotating ‘hosts’ setting the prompts for each section. If you wish to join the conversation, feel free to add your thoughts in the comments on the week’s host blog or ask me to add you to our Twitter community. Wherever you post, please avoid spoilers for future weeks (and books!) if you read ahead (or have read it before).

  • Week 1: Chapter One – Six hosted by me here at There’s Always Room For One More
  • Week 2: Chapter Seven – Eleven hosted by Ariana at Book Nook Reviews
  • Week 3: Chapter Twelve – End hosted by Peat at Peat Long’s Blog

Discussion prompts will be posted on Twitter each weekend starting July 3rd. I’ll be targeting Thursdays for my discussion posts, but feel free to post any day that suits you if you are blogging along (link back to this post and I’ll add you to the weekly links round-up).