Quest Log the Last

Wyrd and Wonder: May 1-31st

Our adventure is done, but the long days of summer lie ahead for further exploration of the realms of fantasy to lay in a stock of new stories to share when we next meet. But before we head back out into the fictional wilds, let’s take a final look back at our fifth year of Wyrd and Wonder.

A huge thank you to everyone who joined us – we have loved reading your reviews, feeling our TBRs reel under the onslaught of your recommendations, and discussing all things fantasy through so many different lenses. We set up the party, but you bring the enthusiasm to make it an amazing month and as ever we salute you!

An enormous thank you also to my co-hosts Lisa, Annemieke, Ariana and Jorie – you are the loveliest group of souls and it’s an absolute pleasure working with you all behind the scenes. We’ve had our challenges this year with travels and travails, so I’ve really appreciated your personal and event-wrangling support through thick and thin.

So, on to the final collection of blog posts for this year’s event. I have a round-up of reviews, interviews, The Summer Tree read-along and your wrap posts; or head over to Dear Geek Place where Lisa has your Fantastic Fives, Challenge posts, tags, memes, and The Darkest Part of the Forest read-along posts. But that’s not all – you can find Annemieke’s round-up of all your Fantastic Fives at A Dance with Books.

The Wyrd and Wonder Challenge has been epic over on Instagram: you can get a flavour through the showcases Ariana and Annemieke have compiled sharing some favourite prompts. In week three, Ariana focused on your Current Reads and Fantasy Landscapes, while Annemieke looked at your Shelfies, Dark fantasy and Bite-sized Delights; this week it was time for Book Rainbows, Spine Poetry and Favourite Reads at The Book Nook, with Throwback Thursday and Wyrd and Wonderful at A Dance With Books. To see the rest of the fun, head over to Instagram and check out @wyrdandwonder or #WyrdAndWonder.


…and just the one round of screen reviews this year – James Weber shared his thoughts on each episode of Moon Knight over at Alligators & Aneurysms.

Interviews and guest posts

We love it when authors get involved with Wyrd & Wonder. Jorie hosted 5 live chats on Twitter over the course of the month (follow @SatBookChat for regular chats with indie authors) and many more were hosted at your blogs. Intisar Khanani stopped by A Dance With Books to talk about fairytales and forests; while CSE Cooney made time to discuss the complexities of fantasy families in the context of her latest novel Saint Death’s Daughter at There’s Always Room For One More. To round out the month, Peat Long had the pleasure of interviewing Saad Z Hossain.

The Summer Tree Read-along

We had two read-alongs this year – I’ve got details of The Summer Tree, or you can find links to discussions of The Darkest Part Of The Forest at Dear Geek Place.

The Summer Tree has split opinion along the way, so it has provoked much discussion with many different takes on the action each week! Here’s a full round-up of links to the weekly discussions:

Some of us will be continuing to the sequel The Wandering Fire with a follow-on read-along in July. If you would like to join us, contact imyril on Twitter (if you’re not on Twitter leave a comment on this post). A schedule and banner will appear some time during June.

That’s a wrap

As the month ends, your hosts are not the only ones looking back – we’ll close with a round-up of your wrap posts and retrospectives for Wyrd & Wonder:

Having battled through a reading slump, Sahi ended the month on a high with The Order Of The Pure Moon Reflected In Water and a round-up of her Wyrd & Wonder posts across the month at My World of Books. Lauren of Always Me bounced off a number of disappointing shows this past week before finding Korean fantasy mystery thriller Black.

The Fantasy Hive shared a round-up of all their posts this month and a 100% complete book bingo card! Anouk shared her monthly round-up alongside links to favourite posts from other participants at Time for Tales and Tea. James Weber of Alligators & Aneurysms also had favourite links to share as part of his monthly wrap. Caitlin of Realms of My Mind had her first 5 star read of 2022 during Wyrd & Wonder (see, we’re a lucky charm); while Peyton of Word Wilderness shared an overview of the graphic novels and anime she enjoyed during the month. Zezee with Books may not have done everything she planned, but she still had a lot of posts to share from May! It was Celeste’s first leap into Wyrd & Wonder and she made a big splash with no less than 20 posts across the month (whew, well done!).

Last but not least, Tammy announced her traditional end-of-month Wyrd & Wonder giveaway – open to any international winner who can receive books from Book Depository; enter via the form on Books, Bones & Buffy by June 10.

…and sadly, that is indeed a wrap for this year. We hope you’ve had a blast – we’ll be back for a 13 days of the darker side of fantasy with Spooktastic Reads in October (19-31); or switch gears – and genres – and join us for SciFiMonth in November…

We’ll be back for another month of Wyrd & Wonder in May 2023.

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