Quest Log the Second

Wyrd and Wonder: May 1-31st

Well met, traveller! How are your adventures through the realms of fantasy? Varied and satisfying, we hope – but before you head back out in search of another, settle in and I’ll tell you a tale of what the rest of the party have encountered in their genre journeys. That’s right, it’s time for the Quest Log!

We have reached the midway point in our fantastic voyage, and the ether is rich with news of reviews and recommendations, Challenges and Fantastic Fives. This week, I have a round-up of the latest reviews, read-alongs and Challenge blog posts, and Lisa will regale you with the Fantastic Fives, tags, memes, interviews and other fun. Keep an eye out for the Instagram recap of the week in pictures over at @wyrdandwonder courtesy of co-host Ariana.

New companions

A warm welcome this week to Anne Nydam of Black and White (and a fond wave to those fellow travellers who have joined in the fun but haven’t signed up officially). Want to join the party? Add your name to the party rolls and we’ll announce you next week.

If you’d rather slide quietly into the conversation without the fanfare, just use the #WyrdAndWonder tag when you make a post – and add your links to our master schedule if you want to be featured in our weekly Quest Logs!


The Challenge

Each year, we come up with a prompt for each day of Wyrd & Wonder for the party to use as inspiration for posts, pics, tags, or whatever else they make of it. You can tackle as many or as few as you like, in any order you fancy. This year, the Quest Log is focusing only on blog posts – to catch up on the gorgeous pics being shared on Instagram, check out the @wyrdandwonder reels and highlights; or check out the #wyrdandwonder hashtag on Twitter and Litsy.

We always appreciate the enthusiasm with which The Fantasy Hive dive into the Challenge: this year, we’re loving their Throwback Thursday retrospectives. This week they applauded the beauty and the agony of book rainbows and spine poetry.

Right – what about 2022?

  • Day 8 | Undergods (I make no apology for the pun)
  • Day 9 | #MapMonday doesn’t lend itself to blog posts, but if you love a good map there’s some gorgeous examples on #WyrdAndWonder on Instagram and Twitter
  • Day 10 | #TropeTuesday – don’t leave the path – would fantasy be the same without the dangers encountered when our heroes stray from the straight and narrow?
  • Day 11 | Weapon of choice
  • Day 12 | Step into another’s shoes – which fantasy character would you dare to be?
  • Day 13 | Epic – the subgenre of chonksters and glory
  • Day 14 | A book within a book

Read-along round-up

Our read-alongs are in full flow as we approach the halfway mark. Added to the discussions this week:

The Darkest Part Of The Forest – Holly Black


The Summer Tree – Guy Gavriel Kay

Want to join us? Grab a copy and get reading – or slide into the comments on our posts to share your thoughts. Please check the read-along breakdowns for details of what chapters we’re reading each week, and who will be setting our discussion questions. If you have read the book or read ahead – please, no spoilers for future weeks!

That’s it for this week – pop by again next week for the latest adventures from around the party.

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