5 Star Fantasy Reads In 5 Words

Wyrd and Wonder: May 1-31st

As this is Wyrd & Wonder The Fifth, I’m taking every opportunity to do things in fives. That makes this year the perfect excuse to revisit the 5 Star Books In 5 Words tag (originally created by Matthew Sciarappa), right?

Damn right.

So, how does this work?

  • Choose 5 books that you awarded 5 stars (I’m sticking to fantasy for Wyrd and Wonder)
  • Pick 5 words to describe (why you love) each book
  • No explanations, no context! …so some of the words may make no sense if you haven’t read the book yet

I took this tag 2 Wyrd and Wonders ago and featured my then most recent five star fantasy reads. This time, I’m going with some of my greatest hits from the past five years. Once again, I’ve crafted phrases that describe the plots or themes (but are also reasons I love these books),

Book cover: Ring Shout - P Djèlí Clark

Ring Shout – P Djèlí Clark

Hate is always a choice

Save your soul with song

Subjectively awarded novella, objectively excellent

Book cover: Mexican Gothic - Silvia Moreno-Garcia

Mexican Gothic – Silvia Moreno-Garcia

Tropes thrive in foreign soil

Patriarchy is a fungal infection

You probably shouldn’t drink that

Book cover: The Tethered Mage - Melissa Caruso (a blueblack bird and a woman's silhouette on an orange background)

The Tethered Mage – Melissa Caruso

Bookworm meets firebug, serenity challenged

A leash is never liberating

A scorching hot fantasy debut

Book cover: The City of Brass - S A Chakraborty (minarets silhouetted against a carved door)

The City of Brass – S A Chakraborty

Never trust an enslaved djinni

Never underestimate a con artist

Never doubt a badass bookworm

Book cover: Under the Pendulum Sun - Jeanette Ng (purple hued, woman in fabulously spiky dress)

Under the Pendulum Sun – Jeannette Ng

Victorian missionaries go to Fairyland

Converting fairies may damn you


What are some of your 5 star fantasy reads?