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Wyrd and Wonder: May 1-31st

May is here, marking the start of our fifth annual celebration of all things fantastic! Wyrd and Wonder means raving about our favourite fantasy books, yelling about movies and tv shows, sharing the games that light our fires, seeking out new authors and making new friends. Sure, we read fantasy all year round – but in May we do it together.

Wyrd and Wonder started as a conversation between three friends wondering why there wasn’t a fantasy version of SciFiMonth. Five years later, Wyrd and Wonder has outgrown its elder sibling and we’ve got five hosts tracking the adventures of an epic party of over 70 adventurers. Watch out for folk talking about fantasy with the #WyrdAndWonder tag across blogs, Twitter, Instagram and Litsy – and those are just the sites we already know about. Who knows where else you might find a like-minded fan sharing the love of fantasy fiction?

Party members

So who do we have on the party rolls so far? Get ready to follow the fabulous folk who’ll be celebrating with us this month:

An epic welcome to the adventurers who join us for the first time this year: Celeste of A Literary Escape, Amanda Blaze, Candy of Book Butterfly In Dreamland, Nicole of Bookwyrm Knits, Charlotte of Charlotte’s Library, Zakiya of Cozy With Books And Tea, Ellie of Curiosity Killed The Bookworm, Rachelle of Fortified By Books, Jean Hontz, Jenni Elyse, Heather of Just Geeking By, Laura Jane, Calypte of Little Frog Scribbles, Athena of One Reading Nurse, Johanna the PageShifter, Cynthia Russell-Williams, Lydia Schoch, and JC Suarez.

Welcome back to Wyrd and Wonder veterans: JD Weber of Alligators and Aneurysms, Heather of Based On A True Story, Rowena of Beneath a Thousand Skies, Beth of Beth’s Bookish Thoughts, Nicky the Bibliophibian, Tammy of Bones, Books & Buffy, Jen of Book Den, Mayri the Bookforager, BookwormAHN, the Captain of The Captain’s Quarters, Clara Herondale, Maryam the Curious SFF Reader, Kate Davies, Sia of Every Book a Doorway, Giulia of Every Fandom Has A Story, Jenna of Falling Letters, the Fantasy Hive, Louise of Foxes and Fairytales, Lorraine of Geeky Galaxy, Rachael the Green Tea Librarian, Filip Magnus of The Grimoire Reliquary, Jessticulates, LexLingua, Charlotte of Mug Full of Books, Sahi of My World of Books, Peat Long, Arina and Timy of Queen’s Book Asylum, Starr of Pages and Procrastination, Caitlin of Realms of My Mind, John Folk-Williams of SciFiMind, Maddalena of Space and Sorcery, Alex of Spells and Spaceships, Susy of Susy’s Cozy World, Arwen the Tech Chef, Nicole of Thoughts Stained With Ink, Anouk of Time for Tales and Tea, Natalie of Too Short To Read, Kirsten of Video Games As Lit, Wandering Lynn, Tanja of Where Stories Lie, Peyton of Word Wilderness, and Zezee with Books.

Last of all, a big cheer for my fantastic co-hosts Annemieke of A Dance with Books, Ariana of The Book Nook, Lisa of Dear Geek Place and Jorie Loves a Story!

Want to join the party? Do iittttt – add your name to the party rolls to let us know you’re with us and – bonus! – you are still in time to enter our sign-up giveaways (yes there are two). Not bothered about winning books? You can also just join the conversation on blogs or social media by adding the #WyrdAndWonder tag when you make a post.

Thought you were in the party but don’t see your name here? You might not have ‘officially’ signed up – best get on that if you want to be entered into the sign up giveaways.

What will be happening?

For our fifth anniversary, we’ve lined up more than ever! If you want to, you can tackle our Wyrd and Wonder prompt challenge or join the weekly Fantastic Fives and keep watching this space as Peat Long and I are brewing up an even bigger adventure (which we will share when it’s ready and not a moment before). Our Book Bingo is back to help guide your reading choices (if you wish); and of course we have not one but two read-alongs this year: discussions of The Summer Tree by Guy Gavriel Kay kick off on Thursday, and we get stuck into The Darkest Part Of The Forest by Holly Black next weekend!

In general, expect a month of reviews, recommendations, interviews, live tweets, giveaways, discussions, book photography, memes, book tags and gentle fun – but at heart, Wyrd and Wonder is a personal adventure so honestly? Do whatever you like.

Wyrd and Wonder is intended to be a chilled-out event for sharing our enthusiasm with like-minded people around a virtual tavern. Going in search of adventure is one choice; staying by the fire and enjoying everyone’s stories (and hanging out in the comments) is still being part of the party! We’ll happily read and boost everything you post, but there’s no obligations except to be respectful and to share anything you enjoy.

To stay on top of everything, follow @wyrdandwonder on Twitter and/or Instagram.

Quest Log

As always, there will be weekly Quest Log posts each Monday here at There’s Always Room for One More and over at Dear Geek Place with a round up of the party’s blog posts over the previous week.

If you want your posts to be included in the Quest Logs, please remember to add links to our master schedule. If you miss the cut-off (which is an arbitrary time on Sunday) one week, don’t worry – we’ll include your link the following week.

We’ll also share links on Twitter sporadically (I could promise we will share everything as it happens but we all know your hosts get distracted by real life) – and Wyrd and Wonder is also on Instagram now, where we’ll share some favourite contributions to the Challenge throughout the month.

What will you be reading during Wyrd and Wonder?

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