Wyrd and Wonder giveaway

Wyrd and Wonder: May 1-31st

After much deliberation and a sudden brainwave, I am delighted to announce that for this year’s Wyrd and Wonder sign-up giveaway I shall be giving away not one, not two but three books (a whole trilogy in fact) that I absolutely adore and that has a (slightly horrific) twist on our forest fantasy theme.

The Winnowing Flame

I once said that The Winnowing Flame by Jen Williams is not your typical fantasy trilogy. Sure, it’s got elves (sort of) and magic (lots) and fabulous beasties and a dread enemy who has a bad habit of trying to destroy the world. Having defended the world against eight such assaults, the Eborans are in terminal decline, destroyed by their own vices. Humanity survives in the ruins of glassed-over civilisations, building walls to keep out the mutant nightmares that thrive in the forests beyond.

Series starter The Ninth Rain begins with a fire witch on the run teaming up with a scholar determined to study the deadly remnants of past invasions. Accompanied by a blademaster with a drinking problem (and impeccable style), they go in search of a way to defend against the encroaching Wild. Both humans and Eborans need a glimmer of hope to cling to, and sometimes you have to reach into the dark to reignite the light. Sometimes, you should leave well enough alone…

The result is an epic saga that blurs genre boundaries as it weaves fantasy, cosmic horror and even a sniff of science fiction into a thrilling series that features some of my all-time favourite characters. The trilogy was chosen for our Wyrd and Wonder read-along 3 years ago, and I’d like to celebrate it one more time for our anniversary event.


I will be giving away a single set of paperback copies of The Ninth Rain, The Bitter Twins and The Poison Song to one lucky winner. The giveaway is only open to participants of this year’s Wyrd and Wonder. To enter, you must sign up for the event and contribute during the first week (before midnight on May 7th). Wyrd and Wonder is here to celebrate our love of the fantasy genre, so review a fantasy book / show / movie, share your Wyrd and Wonder TBR, tell us your top 5 fantasy novels or for more ideas, check out this year’s prompts and plans.

The small print

  • Sign up for Wyrd and Wonder 2022
  • Post before midnight (Pacific Time) on May 7th on your blog or on a social media account you shared with us during sign-up (a single post on instagram, youtube, tumblr, TikTok, Litsy or similar is fine; a single tweet does not qualify, but a thread does). We can only include you in the prize draw if we know where to find your content!
  • A winner will be selected on Sunday 8th May and be contacted via the email shared during sign-up. The winner will have 24 hours to acknowledge and accept the prize. If no response is given or if the winner declines the prize, another winner will be selected.
  • This giveaway is open internationally
  • The winner will receive 3 physical books by post. Books will ship in the second half of May and will arrive when the postal elves are able to work their magic.

Tell me more about Wyrd and Wonder

Wyrd and Wonder is an online event for fantasy fans to share our love of the genre across our blogs and social media throughout the month of May. 2022 will be our fifth year of fun – check out some prior yearsshenanigans or get the lowdown on the plans for this year (and watch this space – more plans coming your way very soon!)