Wyrd and Wonder The Fifth

Wyrd and Wonder: May 1-31st

Wyrd and Wonder will be back this May – and would you believe it’s our fifth birthday? We’re looking to celebrate all things fantasy with as many friends as we can persuade to join the party. Will you join us?

Wyrd and Wonder is an annual geek-out of like-minded adventurers as we celebrate the fantastic on our blogs and social media feeds through May. Come share your enthusiasm and recommendations (book bags of holding highly recommended) with an amazing group of other fantasy fans. We’ll be reading and reviewing books, talking about movies and tv shows, playing games and sharing our thoughts on anything vaguely fantasy-related through blog posts, bookstagrams, booktoks, booktubes, Litsy posts and tweets galore – all connected by the #wyrdandwonder hashtag.

Mostly? We’ll be having fun.

Expect reviews and memes, interviews and book bingo, live chats and at least two read-alongs. You can do as much or as little as you wish – reading a fantasy novel or swinging by the comments of other adventurers to share your opinions is all it takes.

Want to bounce around some ideas of things to do for Wyrd and Wonder or ask us a question about the event? Hop into the comments or find us at @WyrdAndWonder on Twitter. 

Power of five

We are reliably informed (thanks Sia!) that a fifth anniversary is wood so we’re getting excited about forest fantasy as a theme for the year (although all flavours of fantasy are welcome as always). We’ll be seeking out tales featuring forest creatures (oh hai, have you met our tree wolf mascot?), treetop villages, craftspeople, fairy tales heck even boats (this may be important, okay? Boats definitely count) – there’s plenty of scope for interpretation and as usual we’ll just keep pushing because we don’t know when to stop.

Even more exciting – much more exciting – I’m so excited – we’ve got two new co-hosts to bring your Wyrd and Wonder team up to five! Lisa, Jorie and I are back as always – but we’re absolutely delighted to announce that Ariana of The Book Nook and Annemieke of A Dance With Books have agreed to join us and help us wrangle the fun from behind the scenes.

Join the party

Ready to add your name to the party rolls? Sure you are. Come join the fun.

There’s no deadline for signing up – if you only hear about us on the second-last day of May, you’re still welcome to join what’s left of the fun! But if you sign up and make a Wyrd And Wonder post by May 7th, you will be eligible for our sign up giveaway (we have not yet confirmed our prizes, but you know it’ll involve books because of course it will).

Rest assured, signing up is not a commitment. Putting your name on the adventurers’ rolls simply lets us know to keep a place for you by the fire and (with your permission) start introducing you to the rest of the party.

Raise the banner

Our Wyrd and Wonder mascot this year is a fantastical tree wolf, as a nod to our forest fantasy anniversary. Please feel free to use the banners and buttons to shout about the event, but remember to credit the artist wherever possible (details below). Click on an image below to see it full-size (and not blurry, thanks WordPress) and then save it for use.

IMAGE CREDITS: tree wolf image by chic2view on 123RF.com

Note: the gorgeous tree wolf is not royalty-free, but is licensed for use to promote Wyrd and Wonder online. You are welcome to use the banner on your Wyrd and Wonder posts, but please make no changes (except to resize if needed) and always credit the artist!